How to Farm Rupees Money in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Game

Rupees are the main currency in the Zelda series, and you’ll need plenty of them in Tears of the Kingdom to purchase weapons, armor, ingredients, and more. However, rupees can be hard to come by, especially early in the game when you have limited options. In this guide, I’ll outline the best methods for farming rupees efficiently at all stages of the game, drawing on my 20+ years of experience with Zelda games.

Early Game Rupee Farming (First 10 Hours)

When you first start out in Tears of the Kingdom, rupee farming options are limited. Here are some easy ways to earn rupees in the early game:

  • Complete Addison’s Sign Quests – These simple quests reward decent rupees for minimal effort. Seek out Addison near stables to take on new sign quests as you progress.
  • Hunt Blupees – Blupees drop rupees when hit. Use bullet time with your bow to land multiple hits before they vanish.
  • Sell Collected Items – Meat, plants, monster parts etc. Build up stocks by collecting excess materials, then sell them to merchants.

While basic, these methods will give you a starter cash fund to buy some essential armor and ingredients.

Mid Game Rupee Farming (10 – 30 Hours)

Once you progress the main story to unlock more regions, better rupee farming opportunities open up:

  • Hunt Animals for Gourmet Meat – Cook 5x Gourmet Meat into a skewer worth 315 rupees. The northern Tabantha areas are full of wolves, bears and moose that commonly drop Gourmet Meat.
  • Mine Gems – Mine luminous stone and other gems from ore deposits, then sell them to merchants like Beedle. Rare gems like diamonds fetch especially high prices.
  • Sell Cooked Dishes – Cook multiple mighty bananas or other ingredients into high-value dishes you can sell for profit.

With these quicker methods, you’ll be able to buy mid-tier armor sets and stock up on essential items.

Late Game Rupee Farming (30+ Hours)

In the late game with full map access, you can really ramp up your rupee income:

  • Eventide Island Glider Method – This exploit lets you farm infinite gems by mining Eventide’s respawning deposits over and over. Look up guides for the precise method.
  • Hunt Rare Taluses – Rare Stone Taluses drop valuable gems and respawn with every blood moon. Their gem drops can be manipulated by reloading saves.
  • Sell Dragon Parts – Farm parts from Farosh, Dinraal and Naydra. They fetch high prices and respawn infinitely.
  • Sell Upgraded Armor – Buy and upgrade armor with great fairies, then sell the upgraded pieces. For example, fully upgraded Soldier’s Armor sells for over 11,000 rupees!

With these advanced strategies, you’ll be rolling in rupees in no time!

Tips & Notes

Here are some additional tips to boost your rupee income potential:

  • Activate the Paraglider rune to enter bullet time and make it easier to hunt animals or shoot Blupees.
  • Use Zelda amiibos to spawn rare crafting items that sell for high prices.
  • Sell excess crafting materials instead of hoarding them if you need rupees. Many materials can be farmed infinitely.
  • Mark ore deposit locations on your map to easily return later.
  • Prioritize upgrades that boost your damage and durability so farming runs remain efficient.

With smart resource management and these rupee farming strategies, you’ll be rich enough to buy whatever you need in Tears of the Kingdom! Let me know if you have any other great tips for making fast money.

As a long-time Zelda expert and fan, I’m happy to provide additional tips or clarify any details about rupee farming methods in Tears of the Kingdom. Feel free to ask follow-up questions!