How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me on Roblox

As an Adopt Me player on Roblox with some experience, I’m excited to share this comprehensive guide on the various methods to get free pets in this popular game. Whether you’re just starting your adoption journey or looking to expand your collection, this article provides useful tips and strategies.

Earning In-Game Currency

The primary currency in Adopt Me is Bucks, which can be used to purchase eggs containing pets. Here are some great ways to earn free Bucks:

  • Complete in-game tasks: These blue objectives reward 6-7 Bucks each. Prioritize quick tasks like feeding pets.
  • Claim paychecks: You get 20 free Bucks every 10 minutes from paychecks.
  • Purchase money trees: Each tree gives 100 Bucks per day. They cost 1,450 Bucks so earn some first.

Once you save up enough Bucks, you can redeem them for eggs and get free pets!

Hatching Eggs

Here are some Bucks-friendly eggs that can hatch free pets:

  • Cracked Eggs: Cost 350 Bucks. Good for Common-Ultra Rare pets.
  • Pet Eggs: Cost 600 Bucks. Can contain Legendary pets.
  • Royal Eggs: Cost 1,450 Bucks. High chances for rare pets.

The rarer the pet, the lower chances from eggs. But keep trying for that dream pet!

Participating in Events

Adopt Me events offer opportunities to earn event currencies and limited-edition free pets.


  1. Check the game for any active events
  2. Participate in event activities
  3. Redeem earned currencies for special event pets

Act fast before the event ends! The pets will leave alongside the event.

Trading with Other Players

Trading pets with other players allows you to swap duplicates for new free pets.

Tips for successful trades:

  • Offer pets of similar rarities
  • Be flexible and negotiate
  • Get a Trading License to deal Legendary pets
  • Message players directly about trades

With some patience, you can get your dream pets from kind traders!

Checking Star Rewards

Logging in daily earns you Stars, which can then be redeemed for free pets and eggs.

Some notable Star Rewards and their prices:

  • Ginger Cat (210 Stars)
  • Cracked Egg (250 Stars)
  • Starfish (550 Stars)
  • Golden Egg (660 Stars)

So commit to those daily logins for all the free rewards!

Exploring the Map

Believe it or not, some areas in Adopt Me offer free Legendary pets! Explore these:

  • The vent in Best Shop Ever
  • The Exit area with a plunger

The pets appear randomly so keep checking back. Who knows what Legendaries you’ll encounter!

Redeeming Active Codes

Codes offer quick freebies like Bucks and eggs and don’t expire too fast.


  1. Click the Twitter icon
  2. Enter working codes
  3. Claim your rewards!

Check the latest working codes before they stop working!

Final Tips

  • Prioritize tasks for fast Bucks
  • Be smart about spending Bucks
  • Trade wisely and fairly
  • Commit to daily logins
  • Explore events and map for surprises

I hope these tips help you expand your pet collection! Adopt Me is all about enjoying the adoption journey with friends. Most importantly, have fun and take good care of your pals!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy adopting!