How to Name USB Flash Drive on Windows & Mac

How to Name a USB Flash Drive

In general, any new USB flash drive has no name. Once they plugged into a PC, the machine would recognize it as a storage flash drive along with a drive letter without a name.

For instance, Windows 7 using the prefix “Removable Disk”, and Windows 10 using “USB Drive” as the default name.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the easiest way to rename a USB flash drive both Windows PC and Mac. Let’s get started.

How to name a USB flash drive on Windows PC

How to Name a USB Flash Drive

First of all, plug in your USB flash drive to the computer or laptop. Then, open My Computer or Libraries on your device.

How to Name a USB Flash Drive

On the left sidebar, right-click on the desired USB DRIVE and click Rename.

You can also use a shortcut keyboard by click on the USB DRIVE and then press F2. Some characters are not allowed due to system concerns. So, it’s always recommended to use a letter or number solely.

After renaming the drive, press the Enter button on the keyboard, and the new name will remain permanent even though you are using it on another PC.

How to Name a USB Flash Drive on Mac

How to Name a USB Flash Drive

First, plug in the USB drive to the Mac device. The device icon immediately appears on the desktop. Click on the icon name, once highlighted, press Return/Enter key on the keyboard.

Next, you can name it, and press Return/Enter key or click blank space on the desktop to confirm the new name. Similar to Windows, the name will remain forever unless you change by yourself.

Another method is via the context menu. Right-click on the USB flash drive, select Get info. Once a new window appeared, go to Name & Extension and change the name.

File security and privacy are cannot be negotiable. That’s why you have to protect USB flash drive with a password so an unauthorized user cannot access your private files.