How To Quickly Gain XP and Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal Game

Diablo Immortal offers players various ways to gain XP (experience points) and level up their characters quickly. As you level up, you unlock more skills, better gear, and access to new areas and features. Reaching the maximum level – 60, and high Paragon levels, allows you to take on the most challenging endgame content.

Here are the best tips and strategies for fast leveling:

Complete Main Story Quests

The main story questline offers significant XP rewards and should be your top priority early on. Completing main quests unlocks new zones and dungeons. By the time you finish the campaign, your character should be around level 45.

Do Daily Bounties

Bounties are repeatable mini-quests that involve killing monsters or collecting items. You can complete up to 8 bounties per day. Bounties provide good XP, gold, and loot. Doing all 8 daily bounties should take around 30 minutes.

Farm Elder and Challenge Rifts

Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts are endgame activities that yield loads of XP. Both involve clearing procedurally generated dungeons against the clock. The more monsters you kill before the timer expires, the better the rewards. Adding Rare or Legendary Crests increases the quality of drops.

Join Shadow Clans

Being part of an active Shadow Clan gives an 8% XP boost from other players when in the same zone. The more immortals in your clan, the higher the bonus. Shadow Clans also provide access to weekly Raid rewards which include XP boosts.

Max Out the Battle Pass

Completing objectives in the Battle Pass menu offers lots of XP. There are Guide objectives, Activities, and daily/weekly Quests to finish. Buying the Premium Battle Pass accelerates leveling. There’s also an upper weekly limit on earned Battle Points, so use them wisely!

Complete Side Quests

Side quests randomly appear on maps. They involve killing a specific elite monster or group of monsters. Side quests are quick and easy, providing decent XP, loot, and 20 Battle Points. Use Adventure Seeker in the Codex to unlock an additional daily side quest.

Farm in Groups

Playing co-op with others yields 25% more XP than playing solo. Having a full group of 4 players increases XP gains substantially. Grouping is ideal for bounties, rifts, world events, dungeons, and clearing zones.

Focus on AoE Skills

Prioritize skills that can damage large groups of enemies simultaneously. AoE attacks let you mow down monsters quicker for faster leveling. Some top AoE skills are Frozen Orb for Wizards, Spinning Shield for Crusaders, Corpse Explosion for Necromancers, and Blizzard for Demon Hunters.

Use XP Boosts

There are several ways to get XP boosts:

  • Shadow Clan membership as mentioned earlier
  • Battle Pass Rewards
  • Limited-time events and special log-in rewards
  • Buying XP boosts from the in-game shop

Stacking multiple boosts compounds your XP gains from activities.

Upgrade Difficulty

At level 60, you can increase the game difficulty up to Hell 5. Harder difficulties multiply XP rewards. However, enemies also hit harder and have more health. Only bump difficulty if you have the damage and survivability to farm efficiently.

Farm Open World Areas

Certain open world zones like Mount Zavain and Library of Zoltun Kulle are packed with monsters from all sides. Gather big groups and take them down with AoE attacks. Keep moving and grabbing mobs for super fast leveling.

Save Quests and Events

Some quests and limited-time events provide one-time big XP rewards. Save these for when you really need an XP boost to unlock something or during 2X events. Using them randomly is inefficient.

Find a Good Farming Group

Having an organized leveling group that knows what they’re doing is invaluable. Everyone can use XP boosts, round up mobs, cycle cooldowns, and plow through content nonstop. A good group makes leveling feel effortless!

Take Breaks

It’s easy to get burned out from the grind. Take regular short breaks to prevent fatigue and improve efficiency in the long run. Go for a walk, stretch your legs, grab a snack, or chat with friends. Coming back recharged prevents wasting time zoning out.

And that covers the most important tips for fast leveling in Diablo Immortal! Follow these guidelines and you’ll be max level before you know it. Let us know your thoughts and any other great tips in the comments section.