How to Quickly Transfer Files From OnePlus 6 Phone to Your Computer

As an Android user with a OnePlus 6 phone, you likely accumulate a lot of photos, videos, and other media on your device that you may want to transfer to your computer. Transferring files from your OnePlus 6 to a computer doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. There are several quick and easy methods you can use to get your files off your phone and onto your computer.

Connect with a USB Cable

The most straightforward way to transfer files is by using a USB cable to create a direct connection between your OnePlus 6 and computer.

What You Need

  • OnePlus 6 phone
  • USB cable (preferably the one that came with your phone)
  • Computer (Windows or Mac)

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using your USB cable. Plug one end into the charging port on your phone and the other into an open USB port on your computer.
  2. Unlock your phone and change the USB connection type to File Transfer.
    • On Android 11, swipe down from the top and long-press on the USB connection notification.
    • On Android 10 or earlier, swipe down from the top and tap the USB notification.
  3. Open File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac. Your OnePlus 6 should appear as a connected drive, showing all folders and files stored on the device.
  4. Drag and drop files between your phone’s storage and your computer. Wait for transfers to fully complete.
  5. Disconnect your phone when finished.

The USB method works great for transferring any type of file, like photos, videos, music, and documents. Just keep your phone unlocked and screen on during the file transfer process.

Transfer Files Wirelessly

If you don’t have a USB cable handy or want to transfer files without physically connecting devices, there are a few wireless options:


  • Bluetooth allows you to send media files like photos between devices paired over Bluetooth.
  • On both your phone and computer, turn Bluetooth on and pair them.
  • From your phone’s media gallery, tap the Share icon on a file and select Bluetooth. Pick your computer and the file will transfer over.

Cloud Storage

  • Cloud services like Google Drive allow you to upload files from your phone which can then be accessed on your computer.
  • On your OnePlus 6, upload files to a synced cloud folder.
  • On your computer, log in to the same cloud service and downloaded the uploaded files.

Wi-Fi Direct

  • Wi-Fi Direct creates a direct peer-to-peer connection between two devices over Wi-Fi, without a wireless router required.
  • On both devices, turn on Wi-Fi Direct in the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Connect the phone and computer. Then access and transfer files as you would over USB.

Wireless options give you more flexibility and freedom when transferring files. But USB connections offer faster direct transfer speeds.

Top File Transfer Tips

To ensure quick and successful file transfers between your OnePlus 6 and computer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Maintain sufficient charge on both devices before transferring.
  • Disable battery optimizations for file manager apps.
  • Close unused apps running in the background on your phone.
  • Use the appropriate USB transfer mode instead of charging or MIDI.
  • Double check transfers before disconnecting your phone.
  • Transfer smaller batches of files instead of hundreds at once.
  • Verify files were properly transferred afterwards.
  • Consider automatic syncing services like cloud storage instead of manual transfers.