How To Stop Facebook From Filtering Your Comments Unfairly

Facebook’s comment ranking algorithm automatically filters comments on posts to show the “most relevant” ones first. This can result in valuable comments being suppressed unfairly. As someone who has experienced this issue firsthand, here is my guide on how to stop Facebook from filtering your comments.

Why Facebook Filters Comments

Facebook argues that filtering comments improves the user experience by surfacing the most relevant discussions and reducing spam/abuse. However, the algorithm is imperfect and sometimes filters comments unfairly. As a user, it can be frustrating to have your thoughtful perspectives buried while inane comments rise to the top.

How Comment Ranking Works

When you make a comment, Facebook evaluates it based on things like:

  • Your relationship to the post author
  • How often you comment on their posts
  • How much engagement your past comments have received

It then ranks your comment against others and decides whether to show it prominently or hide it lower down.

Problems With Comment Ranking

While comment ranking aims to improve conversations, it can have negative consequences:

  • Suppresses minority voices: Comments expressing unpopular or marginalized opinions often get ranked lower. This entrenches majority bias.
  • Incentivizes extreme comments: Comments expressing strong emotions tend to get more engagement, so they appear first. This can drown out nuanced discussion.
  • Reduces transparency: It’s unclear why some comments get promoted over others. The ranking criteria feels arbitrary and opaque.

How To Disable Comment Ranking

If you manage a Facebook Page, you can disable comment ranking completely so comments appear chronologically:

  1. Go to your Page and click Settings
  2. Click General
  3. Next to Comment Ranking, click Edit
  4. Uncheck See most relevant comments by default
  5. Click Save Changes

This will stop Facebook from filtering comments on your Page’s posts.

How To Stop Ranking For Your Comments

If you want your comments on others’ posts to appear prominently, try these tips:

  • Comment early: Be one of the first people to comment to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Comment thoughtfully: Write longer, more insightful comments. Simple statements like “I agree!” tend to get ranked lower.
  • Engage actively: Reply to other commenters and the post author. Two-way engagement signals relevance.

Advocate For Change

The best long-term solution is advocating for Facebook to improve comment ranking:

  • Provide more transparency: Facebook should explain why individual comments get promoted or demoted. This allows for accountability.
  • Incorporate user feedback: Adding controls for users to flag unfair ranking would help Facebook improve the algorithm.
  • Minimize bias: Facebook researchers should rigorously test for and eliminate biases that reinforce majority opinions.


Unfair comment filtering is an unfortunate consequence of Facebook’s relevance-based ranking. As users and Page admins, we can disable comment ranking where possible and actively push for Facebook to enhance ranking transparency and fairness. With sufficient public pressure, we can help create social media spaces for inclusive discourse.