Removing “Application Recommendation” in Infinix XOS Launcher

How to Remove Application Recommendation in Infinix Launcher

If you are an Infinix smartphone owner, you probably notice a strange app that shows on the favorite apps list. That’s not new bloatware or app that you have been accidentally installed. It’s an advertisement by Infinix XOS launcher.

Yes. Inappropriate ads that people usually hate.

To be honest, it wasn’t fair for me. I have purchased the phone and still got an ad from the official launcher?

The developer has deployed some updates regarding the protests of this unfair ad. They add an option to hide the Application Recommendation, thus not consumes bandwidth in the background process.

How to Remove Application Recommendation in Infinix Launcher

1. Go to the Home Screen. Tap and hold on the blank area until these four icons appear. Then select the Menu.

How to Remove Application Recommendation in Infinix Launcher

2. Now, scroll down and turn off the Application Recommendation.

How to Remove Application Recommendation in Infinix Launcher


3. Once it turned off, the favorite/most used apps will no longer show ads. The place that previously occupied by ad will be going to be replaced by another app soon.

Does turning off ad is fair for the developer?

It can be fair or unfair, depending on your view.

In my opinion, I don’t think the Infinix company lack money, so they sacrifice poor decision by exposing their customer with ads. Infinix also expands its market to about 30 countries and have a well-recognized brand.

I was laying off a complaint about the ads, and this is the response I received:

Dear, many thanks for your support. We are looking for a new way, hoping to raise part of the funds to give back to the fans who have contributed to our Launcher, which will last for some time, and hope to get your understand which means a lot to us, wish you a happy day!

At one side, it could help developers behind Infinix to maintain the launcher and giving additional features. But consuming bandwidth for downloading the advertised app may hurt the customer experience.

After all, it’s all your choice!


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