How to Disable Android Animations to Save Battery Power

How to Disable Animations on Android - How to Disable Android Animations to Save Battery Power 3

Animations can make transition effects more fluid and satisfying, thus enhancing the user experience for Android owners.

Unfortunately, this comes with a severe price; they cause more delays and drain the battery quickly.

I have turned off the animations on my phone, and I found it was really helpful, especially for maintaining performance and battery life. This is a great way to keep aged phones performing well beyond their expected lifespan.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to disable those unnecessary animations and make your phone feel snappy.

The following guide is based on Android 7.0. Other versions may look a little different but quite close nonetheless.

1. First, you must turn on the Developer Mode through the Settings menu. You may skip this step if the Developer Mode is already enabled.

How to Disable Animations on Android

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, select About phone.

How to Disable Animations on Android

3. Tap the Build number several times until you got a notice that Developer Mode has been enabled.

How to Disable Animations on Android

4. Go back to the Settings layout and select Developer Options.

How to Disable Animations on Android

5. After Developer Mode is activated, locate these options and turn them off. See the following screenshot for details.

How to Disable Animations on Android

You have to leave the Developer Mode to remain active, Do not turn off the Developer Mode or it will revert to the default configuration, including the animation settings.

Disabling animations can improve the speed

After disabling animations, you can easily notice that the smooth transition animations are no longer visible, but the apps became more responsive. I also found that the battery survives a little longer.

Quite frankly, these settings might hurt the user experience and some applications are no longer deliver great satisfaction for its user. But with or without animations, the full features of Android would still run perfectly.

Another thing you can do to make Android faster is by clearing the build-up cache. Check out the guide on how to clear the cache on Android here.


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