8 Ways to Fix Android Phone Won’t Charging

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone

Nothing can last forever, your phone is not the exception.

If you charge your Android phone but the battery status doesn’t rise as you expected, that’s pretty obvious the phone has an issue with battery or its connector or even the charger adaptor. Who knows?

Don’t panic. There are likely chances that it just a small problem thus can be fixed easily.

Take a look at this guide about how to fix USB port on Android phone when charging and transferring data.

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone Charging

These step arranged by the most simple to the advanced solutions. I hope your problem is fix with the simple solution.

So, how to fix USB port on Android phone?

Wiggle the USB port connector

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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Your USB port probably doesn’t damage at all. It just the pin not linked properly when you plug in the charger connector. Wiggle the connector gently until the phone show battery starts charging.

If this tip doesn’t help, try another method.

Switch USB cables

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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According to my experience, a USB cable is the weakest part ever in phone accessories. The life expectancy significantly fell after a dozen times of use.

The copper inside cable can be broken after many times tangled and cause unstable power delivery. Try to change USB cable with the same connector. Changing USB cable should not harm your phone.

Charge the phone when it is off

Some apps consume battery power so greatly and extend the time of charging. For example, 4G connection with brightness screen, and few apps running in the background could make your charging process run really slow.

Charge your phone when it is off can improve the charging rate speed and indirectly increase battery lifetime.

Clean the USB port

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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Dust, rusty, and lint can block the pin to touch correctly. You can clean it using hand blower or pointed objects like toothpicks and needle.


Please clean the port carefully since. It was the very tight place and the stem is so fragile. Use a flashlight to bright the port if the room’s lighting is inadequate.

Switch the battery

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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Average phone battery is good for 500 times cycle or about 2 years in use. Afterward, the capacity will drown along with its durability.

Hence, if you feel the battery isn’t good anymore for continuous usage, replacing a new battery can be a good deal. Remember, just buy a battery if you are pretty sure that it was the problem and please buy from original retail.

Try another same kind charger adapter

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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There is an advantage if your friend has the same phone with you. You can ask to borrow a charger without worrying about different voltage output.

If the phone charged properly, it’s mean you must buy a new USB charger adapter. Again, please only purchase an original product from the official store.

Rolling back or update your Android phone

Some software updates might affect the battery performance. The phone manufacturer trying to improve the battery capability, but occasionally the system fails to recognize charging condition and block power input.

Therefore, try to roll back or update the phone through Settings About PhoneSystem Update.

Go to service center

How to Fix USB Port on Android Phone
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If all those suggestions don’t help you fix the problem, this means bad news for you.

As long the warranty still valid, you will get free repairment even replacement if the damaged isn’t from user error. Meanwhile, if the warranty isn’t accepted you probably want to consider paying the repairment.

Most Android phone nowadays is engineered to deliver the best performance beyond the lifetime. Hence, when the phone so old, replacing with new one sounds be the reasonable option.

Did you have any idea? Don’t hesitate to share, it probably helps another user!


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