How to Secure Your Nintendo Switch with a Password

As a Nintendo Switch owner, you want to protect your device and gaming content. Setting a password is an easy way to add a layer of security. A password prevents unauthorized access if your Switch is lost or stolen. It also restricts purchases and access to mature content.

Fortunately, setting a password only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps to password protect your Nintendo Switch:

Set Up Parental Controls

Parental controls allow you to set restrictions including a password.

  1. Open System Settings on your Switch
  2. Select Parental Controls
  3. Choose to pair your Switch with a smartphone or without
    • If using a smartphone, follow the on-screen instructions to download the Parental Controls app and link devices
  4. Select Restriction Level based on child’s age
    • Or choose Custom Settings to customize
  5. Toggle Restricted Software to On
  6. Set a 4-digit PIN (i.e. password)

Once set up, the Parental Controls dashboard shows play activity, restricts mature content, and more based on your settings.

Protect the Parent Account

By default, the parental control PIN only restricts child profiles, not the admin.

To password protect the admin profile:

  1. Open System Settings > Users > Add User
  2. Create a new admin user profile
  3. Set up Parental Controls for that account
  4. Log into your original admin profile

Now both admin profiles are protected with a PIN.

Set Play Time Limits

You can limit daily play time per profile with parental controls:

  1. Open Parental Controls app
  2. Select profile
  3. Choose Play Time
  4. Enable Time Limit and set Total Limit per day

When this limit is reached, games will close automatically (if enabled) or show a notification.

Protect Purchases with a PIN

Require a PIN to make purchases on Nintendo eShop:

  1. Go to Nintendo Account website
  2. Sign into account
  3. Select Shopping Settings
  4. Enable Require Password

Now users must enter the Nintendo Account password to make purchases.

Other Security Tips

  • Use wired internet for more security
  • Turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not in use
  • Create complex account passwords
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Attach a strap to Joy-Cons when playing wirelessly
  • Invest in a protective case


Safeguarding your Nintendo Switch is important, especially if children use it. With a few quick settings, you can apply parental controls, play time limits, purchase restrictions, and more.

Setting a password through parental controls only takes a minute. Combine it with other precautions, and you can securely enjoy your Switch gaming experience.

As an avid gamer and Nintendo Switch user for over 5 years, I hope this comprehensive guide helps you properly secure your device. Let me know if you have any other questions!