How to Unlock Maximum Supercharged XP Bonuses in Fortnite Battle Pass

Fortnite’s Battle Pass system allows players to unlock cosmetic rewards like character skins, gliders, pickaxes, and more through gameplay and completing challenges over the course of a season. Quickly leveling up your Battle Pass to unlock these rewards can be a fun goal, and using Supercharged XP bonuses is one of the most effective ways to maximize your XP gains.

What is Supercharged XP?

Supercharged XP is an XP bonus mechanic in Fortnite that massively increases the amount of XP you earn from regular gameplay actions like opening chests, eliminating enemies, surviving storm circles etc. It does not affect XP earned from completing challenges.

The Supercharged XP bonus gets activated automatically when you don’t play Fortnite for at least a day. The longer you stay away from the game, the higher your Supercharged XP bonus will be when you return, allowing you to rapidly gain Battle Pass levels.

How Supercharged XP Works

  • Supercharged XP gets activated after not playing Fortnite for around 1 day
  • The XP bar turns yellow/orange when you have the Supercharged bonus
  • It massively boosts XP earned from gameplay actions
  • The bonus is capped at 300,000 XP
  • Keeps reactivating each time you reach the cap until you play regularly

Tips to Maximize Supercharged XP

1. Take Short Breaks from Fortnite

The most reliable way to activate Supercharged XP is to simply not play Fortnite for at least one whole day. This will trigger the bonus when you log back in.

You can keep taking 1-3 day breaks periodically to reactivate the Supercharged bonus after reaching the 300K cap.

2. Combine With XP Farming Maps

For maximum XP gains, combine your Supercharged bonus with Creative mode XP farming maps. These maps allow you to earn tens of thousands of XP per hour from various activities.

With a Supercharged bonus, you can easily earn over 100,000 XP per hour on certain maps.

3. Stack Weekly Supercharged Bonuses

Epic Games also activates Supercharged XP weekends every few weeks, where all players receive the bonus.

Time your breaks around these events to stack multiple Supercharged bonuses and massively boost your XP farming.

4. Play All Game Modes

To keep Supercharged activated longer, make sure to play all Fortnite modes – Battle Royale, Creative, and Save The World.

Spreading gameplay time across modes prevents the bonus from expiring too quickly.

5. Party Assist on Challenges

Having friends in your party and turning on Party Assist for challenges will increase XP earned from challenges. Do this while your Supercharged bonus is active to maximize gains.

When to Use Supercharged XP

The best times to leverage your Supercharged XP for rapid leveling include:

  • At the start of a new season – Race up the levels to unlock new Battle Pass skins
  • Mid-season when you feel behind on levels
  • On Double XP weekends to combine both bonuses
  • When you unlock higher XP challenges and milestones
  • When you don’t have much regular play time

Supercharged XP vs Regular XP

To give you an idea of how powerful Supercharged XP is, here is a comparison of XP earned from some common actions with and without the bonus active:

ActionRegular XPWith Supercharged XP
Eliminate Opponent50-100500-1000
Open Chest50-100500-1000
Survive Storm Circle500-10005000-10,000

As you can see, the Supercharged bonus literally multiplies your XP by 10X or more in some cases!


Using Supercharged XP bonuses at strategic times is key to blasting through your Fortnite Battle Pass levels quickly and unlocking all those sweet cosmetic rewards.

Follow the tips outlined here to maximize your Supercharged XP gains and supercharge your Battle Pass progression! Let us know your thoughts on Supercharged XP and share your favorite XP farming tactics.