How To Upload and Change Workspace Background Images in Trello Boards

Trello allows you to customize your boards by changing the background image. You can choose from Trello’s selection of beautiful high-resolution photos or upload your own custom images.

Benefits of Customizing Your Trello Background

Here are some of the benefits of changing your Trello background:

  • Makes your boards more visually engaging and fun to work with
  • Allows you to personalize boards to match themes or project styles
  • Helps highlight important boards or set different moods
  • Promotes creativity and self-expression
  • Lets you add your own photos to showcase your brand or products

Who Can Change Trello Backgrounds

  • Free Trello users can select background colors or use Trello’s image library
  • Gold and Business Class users can also upload custom background images

How to Change Your Trello Background

Using Trello’s Image Library

Here are the steps to change your background using Trello’s Unsplash image library:

  1. Open the Trello board you want to modify
  2. Click on “Show Menu” on the right side of the board
  3. Select “Change Background”
  4. Choose the “Photos” tab
  5. Browse the available images and click on one to make it your background

You can search for specific photos using keywords. Trello recommends single word searches for best results.

Uploading a Custom Image

If you have a Gold or Business Class Trello plan, you can upload your own background images by:

  1. Opening your Trello board
  2. Accessing the “Change Background” menu
  3. Going to the “Custom” tab
  4. Clicking the “+” icon to upload your image from your computer
  5. Selecting the uploaded background image

Tips for Custom Background Images

  • Use high quality landscape images for best fit
  • JPG, PNG, and GIF formats are recommended
  • Images under 300KB work best
  • Test different images to find the ideal background

Customizing Other Trello Elements

Along with changing the background image, Trello lets you customize other elements:

Card Covers

Add visual flair to cards by:

  • Choosing color card covers
  • Attaching images to card fronts

Emoji Reactions

Make discussions more fun and expressive with emoji reactions on the card activity feed.


Decorate your cards with colorful icon stickers.

Card Sizing

Alter card sizes to highlight important tasks.


Customizing your Trello background is an easy way to personalize your boards. Take advantage of Trello’s design flexibility to create workspaces that inspire you and match your projects.

With the ability to upload images, select colors, add stickers, and more, you can tailor Trello to fit your style.

So try out some new backgrounds and make your Trello stand out!