Huawei P9 – How to Change System Language Settings

  1. Tap on Advanced settings
  2. Select Language & input
  3. Tap on Language & region
  4. Select the desired language from the list

To summarize the key details from the search results:

  • The language settings are located in the Advanced settings section of the Settings app. Specifically under Language & input > Language & region.
  • You can add additional languages by tapping the “Add language” button if your desired language is not already listed.
  • Changing the system language may also change the language for some apps. The keyboard layout and date/number formatting may change as well.
  • If you accidentally change to an unfamiliar language, look for the settings icon (gear shape) to get back to the language menu. The globe icon also typically indicates language settings.
  • There are video tutorials available showing the step-by-step process for changing the language on a Huawei P9.

So in short, access the Language & region menu from the Advanced settings, and select your desired system language. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!