iPhone XS – How to Customize Your Lock Screen Wallpaper Image

The lock screen is the first thing you see when you pick up your iPhone, so customizing it to your taste is a great way to add some personal flair. iOS 16 introduced major upgrades to lock screen personalization, allowing you to change wallpapers, fonts, colors, and add widgets. Follow this guide to truly make your iPhone lock screen your own.

Choosing a Wallpaper

The first step is picking out a wallpaper you want to use.

  • Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper to browse Apple’s built-in wallpaper collections and your photo library.
  • Alternatively, touch and hold on your lock screen, then tap the “+” icon to access the wallpaper gallery.

You can choose from categories like Weather, Astronomy, Abstract, and more. You can also select a single photo or enable the Photo Shuffle feature to rotate through a collection of images.

Customizing the Wallpaper

Once you’ve selected a wallpaper, you can customize it to your liking.

  • Reposition the photo: Drag it around or zoom in/out to get the desired framing.
  • Change photo effect: Apply different color filters and styles.
  • Blur background: Make app icons stand out more.
  • Link Focus: Associate that wallpaper with a particular Focus mode.

Photo Shuffle wallpapers let you determine timing, select specific photos, and more. The options differ slightly depending on whether you picked an image, multi-photo shuffle, or abstract wallpaper.

Personalizing the Lock Screen

Aside from the wallpaper, you can also tweak these lock screen elements:


  • Change font (analog only)
  • Modify color
  • Adjust font weight


  • Switch location (top or bottom)
  • Alter font and color


  • Add widget stacks for at-a-glance info like weather, activity rings, calendar, etc.
  • Resize or reposition widgets

Notification Appearance

  • Turn notifications on/off
  • Show full notifications or list only
  • Set number of recent notifications to display

Take advantage of all these customization tools to truly make your lock screen your own. Try different wallpaper and font combinations until you settle on your favorite look. Add widgets tracking your most important info for convenient access. With iOS 16, you have more flexibility than ever to design a lock screen that’s uniquely you.

Setting a Custom Wallpaper

Once you finish customizing, make sure to set your creation as the active wallpaper:

  1. Tap Done in the top right.
  2. Choose to set it as your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both.

Now you’ll see your personalized design every time your iPhone wakes! Change it up whenever you feel like a fresh look.

Tips for Making an Impactful Lock Screen

Follow these tips when selecting and editing a wallpaper to make the biggest visual impact:

Vibrant Colors

Choose a wallpaper featuring bold, saturated hues contrasting with your iPhone exterior color. Vivid colors are eye-catching and energetic.

Complementary Font

Pick a font in a color that stands out against the background. Make sure it has enough visual weight to remain readable.

Strategic Widgets

Position widgets in blank areas avoiding clashing with the main design. Use widgets sparingly for a clean look.

Consistent Theme

Maintain a consistent mood or theme between wallpaper, font, colors, and widgets. The elements should visually harmonize.

With iOS 16, you have more flexibility than ever to craft a lock screen that showcases your personal style. Take advantage of all the customization options to display a design you love seeing whenever you use your iPhone. Refresh it periodically for a whole new look and feel!