OnePlus 6 – How to Change System Language Settings

Having your OnePlus 6 set to the wrong language can be frustrating. Whether you purchased the device in another country, changed the settings by accident, or simply want to try using your phone in multiple languages, you can easily change the system language. Follow this guide for step-by-step instructions.


  • A OnePlus 6 device
  • OxygenOS software version 9.0 or later

Change the Display Language

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on System > Languages & Input
  3. Select Languages
  4. Tap on Add a Language
  5. Choose your desired language from the list
  6. Drag the selected language to the top of the list to make it the default

The device will immediately switch the display language across the system interface. This includes areas like:

  • Settings menu
  • Notification shade
  • App drawer
  • Individual apps
  • Lock screen

Change the Keyboard Input Language

In addition to changing the display language, you can also configure multiple keyboard input languages:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Languages & Input > Virtual keyboard
  2. Tap on Gboard > Languages
  3. Tap Add language
  4. Select the desired keyboard languages
  5. Toggle them on/off to enable each language

You can then easily switch between keyboard languages by long-pressing the space bar while typing.


  • Adding multiple languages does not take up additional storage space
  • Some apps do not support all languages and may display in English
  • Date, time, and number formatting will automatically change
  • Restarting the device can help apply language changes
  • You can mix and match display and keyboard languages

Changing Languages With Non-English Menus

If your OnePlus 6 is already set to another language like Chinese or French, you can still change it to English or another desired language:

  1. Access the Settings menu (gear icon)
  2. Tap the globe icon to enter Languages & Input
  3. Select the Languages option
  4. Tap the + icon to Add Language
  5. Choose English or another language
  6. Make it the default at the top of the list

You can identify the correct icons by looking for the gear, globe, languages, and plus symbols even if you cannot read the text.

Reverting To Original Language

To return your OnePlus 6 to its original language:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Languages & Input > Languages
  2. Tap the three dot menu icon
  3. Choose Default language
  4. Confirm the action

This will reset the phone back to the language that was set during initial configuration.


Changing the system language on your OnePlus 6 is quick and simple. With just a few taps in the Languages & Input menu, you can configure your preferred display language, keyboard input languages, and language-specific formatting. Mix and match options to suit your needs. And you can always revert back to the original language if desired. With this guide, you’ll be multilingual on your OnePlus 6 in no time.