3 Quick Ways to Open Links in New Tab in Google Chrome PC

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In the era of the multi-tab browser, the “Open link in new tab” button is never been this important. Browser like Google Chrome puts this option on the context menu when you right-clicking the link.

However, there is must be an easier way to open certain links in a new tab without accessing the context menu.

…and that’s right! There are some ways to perform that action instantly.

#1 Press CTRL+Click to open link in new tab

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On your keyboard, press the CTRL button and then hold until you click the link you wish. After that, the new tab will open, filled with the URL from the link.

But, that shortcut will keep you on the same page. If you want to automatically follow the clicked link, press CTRL+Shift+Click combination.

#2 The scroll wheel button can be used too

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When you point to the link and then press the scroll wheel button on your mouse, it will open in a new tab.

This way is arguably faster because you only need a mouse instead of a keyboard. However, if misplaced it will trigger the scroll-up or scroll-down action. So, make sure you are pointing at the right area.

I also have to point out that there are some mouses does not have a clickable scroll wheel button. Hence, this method might not for you.

#3 Use Right Click Opens Link New Tab extension

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A free Chrome extension named Right Click Opens Link New Tab Correct Order offers you a special ability to the right-click button. You may refresh the page after the extension installed.


When got clicked at a link, it would open in a new tab. Meanwhile, the context menu function will remain available when you click on the blank area (such as text, video, and other non-link objects).

You can also configure whether the link should be open in the background or foreground.

Note for developers

There are certain conditions where it would be good to implement the target=”_blank” tag inside the hyperlink. That way, visitors don’t have to leave the page which makes the experience more seamless.

Some platform like WordPress and Blogger also provides an option to open link in a new tab every time it got clicks. You could use that feature when creating content for your website.

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That’s it! I hope you know learned how to open a link in a new tab on Google Chrome instantly.

Please let me know if you have any question 🙂


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