How to See How Many Websites on the Same Shared Hosting

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If you are using shared hosting to host your website, chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of other websites that are hosted on the same server. They are sharing the resources together and sometimes when one site experiencing massive requests (visitors), it would affect the performance of its peer websites.

It’s important to know how many neighbors on the server, so you can determine the limit of your website and can decide when to upgrade your hosting. There are three methods (services) to find out how many websites on the same shared hosting server.

#1 DNSlytics

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This free tool offers you to see the total domains pointed on the same server IP. You can see the total domains but this tool only shows 100 of them, otherwise, you have to purchase its premium access. The reason why I put this service on the top list is that some hosting companies are actually relying on the data from it.

Total domains: 713

#2 ViewDNS

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The second tool that I highly recommend is ViewDNS. It comes with a clear interface and literally showing you all the domains that are pointed to the same server — all free without having to register an account. As you can see, “There are 785 domains hosted on this server”. The number isn’t the same as DNSlytics, but I’ll explain that later.

Total domains: 785

#3 HackerTarget

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Another great tool to see the number of websites on the same shared server is HackerTarget Reverse IP Lookup. This tool will show all domains and subdomains, but without providing the exact number. Therefore, you may copy & paste the result to Microsoft Excel to get the number faster.

Total domains: 500

Why the total domains are different?

Each service has a different algorithm about how to measure the total pointed domains. There are no real accurate numbers, but at least it gives you a sense of how crowded the server is.

My server has 1000+ websites, is it dangerous?

Don’t worry about that. Not all domains using the same server even though they are pointed on it. Some domains are just parked and not having a database on the server. I have checked some websites on the same server, and a lot of it just static websites or expired domains.

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An expired domain on the same server

Those “dead” domains barely using any resources and as long as your website performance is on the highest possible level, then there’s no urgency to move or upgrade the server. To add redundancy, you may subscribe to a CDN service or use Cloudflare SSL to host some of the website content.

What is the ideal number for shared hosting?

It depends on the server specification and optimization. There are no exact numbers here. You only have to focus on your website performance, such as uptime, speed, and load impact. Most hosting providers usually will tell you if the resources are nearly reaching their limit, so you can prepare to upgrade or migrate.

What is the best server to migrate?

Some of my websites with tons of traffic have migrated from shared hosting to cloud hosting. The benefit of cloud hosting is you have your own server and all the resources are yours. There are many cloud hosting providers out there, but the one that I recommend the most is Cloudways.

You can get your own cloud server from just $10/month and you can store as many websites as you want. This service is beginner-friendly, meaning that you don’t have to master SysAdmin to get your website online. In fact, the pricing is comparable to most shared hosting providers out there.

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