What Will Happen if I Unsubscribe Google Drive Premium Plan?

What Will Happen if I Unsubscribe Google Drive Plan?

Google Drive has a free plan for every registered user with 15 GB of online storage which is integrated into many platforms, including mobile devices such as Android and iOS along with a desktop computer.

The premium plan with 100 GB storage is priced at around $2/month. However, some people still have so many questions about the premium Google Drive plan. Especially this question:

“What will happen if I unsubscribe Google Drive premium plan?

Okay, let me break down that question into several points. These answers I gathered from Google’s support team and Google Drive’s Purchase, cancellation, & refund policies page.

#1 Uploaded files will be still available and can be accessed

Let’s say you uploaded 30 GB of files to your Google Drive account when the subscription is active. When you unsubscribe for the next month, that files will still available. Everything in Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail will still be accessible.

Google will not remove uploaded files even though you stop the premium subscription.

#2 You can’t upload another file despite not reaching the limit yet

If you have been using the premium plan for 30GB, there is 70GB more. However, when the plan expires or stopped, your storage limits will reset to free levels (15GB). So you can’t upload another file to the premium plan since it has been deactivated unless you decide to subscribe again.

#3 Deleting that 30GB files won’t give you any additional space

If you still have 30GB of files stored on your Google Drive account, deleting them won’t give you any expansion space. That files will eventually just gone and your account resets to the free levels (15 GB).

In addition, Google Drive has a seven-day grace period after the expirations where you will still able to use the premium plan normally.

So, that’s the answer you may need to know before purchasing Google Drive’s paid subscription. Anyway, if you want to upgrade, why not check which files that consuming more space on your Google Drive account.