How to Rotate Computer Screen on Windows Correctly

How to Unflip Computer Screen

Have you ever turned on your computer and saw the screen is rotated?

Apparently, for some reason, Windows PC can accidentally flip its screen orientation thus makes the user unable to use the machine. But, don’t panic. There are several methods to fix that issue easily.

Here are three ways to return the computer screen back to its correct orientation.

#1 Unflip computer screen by a keyboard shortcut

How to Unflip Computer Screen

The easiest way to flip back the computer screen is by pressing the combination key of CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow simultaneously. If you don’t have access to a physical keyboard, learn how to show an on-screen keyboard on Windows.

This method can be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8, while Windows 10 has got the feature removed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fix the orientation. Check out the next method.

#2 Change display orientation on Windows 10

How to Unflip Computer Screen

Go to Start > Settings > Display > Display orientation. From there, select Landscape.

Please note if you own multiple displays, then the changes will only be affected to the screen where the Settings window is on. Hence, each screen may have its orientation without influencing other screens.

#3 Rotate display from the graphics driver

How to Unflip Computer Screen

Surprisingly, most graphics driver software comes with configuration tools that allow you to change related settings as needed, and rotate display isn’t the exception. Here are the guides based on the graphics brand you use.


Open system tray icon at the sidebar, right-click on the NVIDIA icon and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Next, select the Rotate Display on the left menu, then choose Landscape to correct screen orientation, and finally click Apply to confirm new settings.


First, right-click on the free area on the desktop, and select Catalyst Control Centre. On the left sidebar, click the Common Display Tasks to expand its menus. Click on Rotate Desktop, then select your desired rotation settings. Finally, click Apply to confirm.

Intel HD Graphics

Right-click on the free area of the desktop, and then select Graphics Properties. It may ask you to choose either application mode, I suggest you choose the Basic mode. Then, on the left bar menu, click Display and General Settings. From there, change the Rotation as you want, and click Apply.

Why computer screen flipped?

There’s no single answer to this kind of question as far as I know. You or someone might inadvertently press a key combination and change the orientation of the display. It’s not always CTRL+ALT+ArrowKey, some graphics driver comes with their own shortcut key to rotate the display.

Other causes may involve bugs inside the driver software, error from the hardware side, or even sudden death of power source. Fortunately, this problem is getting rare these days and perhaps vanished altogether in the future.