How to Unflip Computer Screen on Windows

How to Unflip Computer Screen

Have ever you turned on the computer and saw the screen is not as it should? It can be rotated sideways 90º or completely upside-down 180º which make user struggle to use the machine. This oddity is considered as a common problem of Windows. It’s not hard to solve without an expert knowledge. Then, how to unflip computer screen quickly?

The following guides cover Windows operating system, particularly for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. While other versions of Windows or another operating system brand can take advantage of graphics driver software, including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel HD Graphics.

#1 Unflip computer screen by keyboard shortcut

How to Unflip Computer Screen

The easiest way to flip back the computer screen is by pressing combination key of CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow simultaneously. Meanwhile, the left & right arrow means portrait mode and down arrow will change your screen upside down. If you don’t have an access to the keyboard, learn how to show on-screen keyboard on Windows.

This method is commonly applied to Windows 7 and Windows 8. While Windows 10 has several updates that removing this option. If you are a developer, try this open source app named AutoHotKey, you can modify default shortcut using it.

#2 Change orientation of display easily from Windows 10 Settings

How to Unflip Computer Screen

Windows 10 is getting cleaner by reforming its interface. We can use Settings menu to unflip the monitor in case you don’t have a keyboard. Open Start Menu, click Settings (represented by gears icon), then select System. It’ll lead you to the Display settings. From there, look at the Orientation section and select Landscape. The computer screen should be corrected immediately.

Another option to access display Settings page is using a keyword in the Start Menu search bar. You can use several variations anyway, these queries pointed to the same settings window.

  • Change Display Settings
  • Change the Orientation of the Display
  • Turn Rotation Lock On or Off
  • Change the Primary Display
  • Change the Resolution of the Display
  • Rearrange Multiple Displays
  • Change Brightness Level

#3 Rotate display from the graphics driver

How to Unflip Computer Screen


Surprisingly, the most graphics driver software comes with configuration tools that permit you to change related settings as needed, and rotate display isn’t the exception. Three major graphics brand, such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel HD has this tool. Luckily I’ve been using those name for years and understand how to unflip screen from it.

Note: Your driver software might be older or newer version than mine. It probably has a distinct interface which eventually changes the way to reconfigure display orientation. I hope you still able to follow these guides.


Open system tray icon at the sidebar, right-click on the NVIDIA icon and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Next, select the Rotate Display on the left bar menu, then choose Landscape to correct screen orientation, and finally click Apply to confirm new settings. It may ask you again to assure new configuration.


First, right-click on the free area on the desktop, and select Catalyst Control Centre. On the left sidebar, click the Common Display Tasks to expand its menus. Click on Rotate Desktop, then select your desired rotation settings. Finally, click Apply to confirm.

Intel HD Graphics

Right-click on the free area of the desktop, and then select Graphics Properties. It may ask you to choose either application mode, I suggest you choose the Basic mode. Then, on the left bar menu, click Display and General Settings. From there, change the Rotation as you want, and click Apply.

Why computer screen flipped?

There’s no single answer for this kind of question as far as I know. You or someone just inadvertently pressed a key combination and change the orientation of the display. It’s not always CTRL+ALT+ArrowKey, some graphics driver comes with their own shortcut key to rotate display quickly.

Another reason is probably caused by driver error. I ever updated my graphics card driver into the latest one. It requires me to restart and boom, the screen force me to read with a tilted neck. But, it just a small fault by the developer who deployed the update. Detaching the monitor power source or input also confuse the graphics card to read the previous monitor orientation correctly.

Meanwhile, if you using Windows 10 tablet, it comes with gyroscope technology that allows the screen to fluid dynamically as the device is rotating. If it fails to rotate automatically, it probably caused by Rotation Lock or the gyroscope has physical damage. In case it was a physical damage, try to reach the technician, they might help you by replacing the new one.


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