How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9

How to Blur Face on Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of a famous simple video editor that offers at least basic features of video editing.

You probably want to censor or blur something on the video that shouldn’t be seen by the viewer, for instances, face, object, secret information, and anything that considered to be a privacy concern.

The good news is, Filmora has a feature to produce a pixelated/blur-like filter that can be applied to the specific area and selected scene.

This guide is based on Filmora Make sure your version is at least 9.x.x or above. Older versions might have different interface.

How to blur face on Filmora 9

1. Import the video into Filmora timeline.

Add to timeline - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 3

2. Go to Effects.

Select Effects - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 5

3. Select Utility, then add Face-off.

Face off - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 7

4. Drag the Face-off effect above the video.

Face off top - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 9

5. You may adjust the duration and scene location of the effect as well.

Adjust duration face off - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 11

6. Now any face within the video will got pixelated.

Face off enabled - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 13

You may also change the effect by double-clicking on the Face-off section. There are some emoticons and cartoon characters you can choose.

face off variations - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 15

Unfortunately, Face-off will automatically censor any faces found inside the video. This means you cannot just blur a specific person’s face. Also, it doesn’t work well when face facing down or up as the AI struggle to detect the face.

Another alternative is by using the Mosaic effect which you can find on the Utility menu (see step #3). It allows you to censor specific area within the video. Other than location, the type, opacity, and amount can also be customized.

mosaic effect - How to Blur/Censor Face on Filmora 9 17

However, Mosaic itself wasn’t designed with the same level in mind like Face-off. It only pixelate area you selected, it doesn’t automatically cover the face. This effect only work best for a stationary person which doesn’t involve too much movement.

Any free video editor to blur moving object?

Actually, Filmora does a great job here in terms of a small-medium editing. The Face-off feature is useful, but not suitable on certain scenarios.

For more advanced editing, I suggest you to use a professional-degree video editors such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Both have an accurate motion tracking capability that allows you to apply some changes, including filter, animation, visual effects, and much more.

Sure, the price tag of both system is much higher than Filmora, but the result is worth it.


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