3 Tips to Boost Windows Update Significantly Quickly

Boost Windows Update

Windows 10 is not a product, it’s a service. Hence, you will receive an infinite number of updates during its lifecycle. Some major (cumulative) updates merely occur between 3-4 months while small update like bug fixes, enhancing performances, and removing glitch may happen almost every day. The update process sucking your internet connection, slowing down other network activities dramatically, yet Microsoft knows this issue and engages AI to perform update only when the user not in internet-sensitive activity.

However, due to some activities from the user’s side, the Windows Update might run imperfectly. You might ever experience failed to download an update, infinite loading, or stuck installation progress. Nevertheless, the main element of an update is the internet connection on your PC. If something goes wrong, the system would automatically send an error to Microsoft’s server and give a fix.

Since Windows Update occurs regularly, you may want to check out several tips below to boost the process and reduce an error dramatically.

3 Ways to Boost Windows Update Progress

Maximize bandwidth for an update

By default, Windows 10 set the percentage of internet bandwidth during the update to 45 percent in order to not interfere with your productivity tasks. Otherwise, if you are working offline and leaving the network to idle, you may be interested to push the limit of an update.

First, go to Start Menu and find Delivery Optimization settings, then run that program.

Boost Windows Update

Scroll down and click on the Advanced options.

Boost Windows Update

Now, check the following option and slide to 100 percent. Meanwhile, you can also set the foreground bandwidth to 100 percent as well, yet it could slow down your internet connection for other programs.

Boost Windows Update


Enabling this feature would allocate whole bandwidth for Windows Update solely. In addition, if you don’t want the update intruding your online activity incidentally, consider setting the update process to manual mode.

Kill unnecessary app

Boost Windows Update

We know that Windows has a lot of background processes, consuming memory space and also bandwidth for programs that requires an internet connection. The default programs may not need to be killed, instead, several third-party apps are notoriously sucking the bandwidth without noticing users – it runs automatically in the background.

Killing some unnecessary apps may help free up some space for Windows Update. You can go to Task Manager, click the Process tab and select whichever apps you want to disable at the moment.

Leave it alone

Boost Windows Update

Some people suggest to not using the PC while the Windows Update is running. This simple way was actually proven to enhance update progress significantly. By not running any apps, the computer can focus its activity to run download and install updates without synchronizing hardware-management to another app.

Besides to make the PC under idle condition, please ensure that you are using non-metered network along with stable connection. Unreliable speed may be causing some file packages damaged during the process.

So far, that’s the best you can do to boost Windows Update progress. Since it managed by Microsoft side, not much control for us to configure more about the update.

Do you have any suggestion to enhance update speed? Share your thought in the comment!


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