3 Ways to Transfer Files from Phone to PC Without USB Cable

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Computer Without USB

Moving files through USB flash drives is a common way for computer users these days. Transferring data from Android phones, for example, requires a USB cable connected to the computer to allow data to pass through.

But, that’s not the only way you have. Here, I some suggestions about the most convenient way to transfer files from phone to computer (and vice versa) without USB cables needed.

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#1 JustBeamIt.com: Transferring files via the internet without upload

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Computer Without USB

This web-based service doesn’t require any software. What you need is the average browser to access its website. Simply by select intended files from the phone, and then click Create Link. On your computer, visit that link via browser and the download option should be available.

Please note that you have to keep the web page open during the transaction. JustBeamIt isn’t exactly a file transfer protocol, but rather a way to connect both phone and computer at the same time. The good side, the uploading process is not required.

The transfer happens in real-time which means it’s a lot faster than the traditional upload-download process.

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#2 ShareIt: Transfer big files over WiFi, real fast!

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Computer Without USB

ShareIt supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. While JustBeamIt.com linked both devices using the internet, ShareIt will open a bridge directly through WiFi. The speed is similar to USB cable, and sometimes even faster.

On the downside, while both devices connected, you can’t access internet through WiFi. And installing a dedicated app for it may not convenient for some people.

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#3 Bluetooth: Old, but still reliable for small files

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Computer Without USB

Despite this connection generally used for headphones and speakers, but on some occasions, it would help too. If the phone and computer have a Bluetooth component inside them, it will allow file transfer without any software.

But the pairing process sometimes takes too long, and speed performance is slower especially for transferring large files. So, if the intended data only a couple of megabytes, Bluetooth connection may be still worth using.

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