How to Check Your PC Power Consumption

3 Ways to See How Much Power Your PC is Using

Do you know how much power your PC is actually using? Knowing that information is necessary when you want to switch/upgrade components or overclocking.

There are at least three ways you could try to see the power consumption of your computer. So, you don’t have to measure each component manually.

#1 Check PC’s power usage with LocalCooling

3 Ways to See How Much Power Your PC is Using 1 - How to Check Your PC Power Consumption 3

A freeware named LocalCooling can estimate the power consumed by the main computer components and giving you some options for the power saving features.

Simply download LocalCooling here and run it on your computer. Click the Settings button then go to My power tab. Please keep in mind that it was a rough estimation, power consumption varies greatly depending on your activity.

#2 Want a better estimation? Try the Power Supply Calculator

3 Ways to See How Much Power Your PC is Using

The OuterVision’s Power Supply Calculator allows you to calculate each computer component separately, such as processor, memory, graphics card, storage, monitor, and even some activity scenarios.


This web-based tool offers Expert and Basic calculation mode. The Expert mode is designed to measure PC’s component in depth while the Basic mode only requiring you to input some general information of the component. I found that this method is about 80% accurate.

#3 Watt meter can give you a real-time and accurate power consumption


The last and probably the best way to check power consumption in real-time is by using a watt meter. Just attach this tool into a wall socket and then plug in your PC onto it.

And then the display will show you a real-time power consumption of your PC. This also works well on other electronic devices. This is a relatively affordable tool which you can find from $20 on Amazon.

So, what do you think? Which one the best option to check PC’s power usage?


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