How to Connect to a WiFi Network on LG Smart TVs

Connecting your LG Smart TV to your home WiFi network allows you to access online content and take full advantage of your TV’s smart capabilities. With just a few simple steps, you can get your LG TV connected to WiFi.

Preparing to Connect

Before connecting your LG TV to WiFi, you’ll need:

  • An LG Smart TV with built-in WiFi capability. Most mid-range and higher LG TVs have WiFi built in.
  • High-speed home internet service and a wireless router broadcasting a WiFi signal. The router should be within range of where the TV is located.
  • The password for your WiFi network. Have this password handy to connect your TV.

Once you have those three things ready, you can move on to connecting.

Connecting Your LG Smart TV to WiFi

Follow these steps to connect your LG TV to your WiFi network:

Access the Settings Menu

Using the remote that came with your LG TV:

  • Press the Settings button to open the TV settings menu.
  • Navigate to All Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Connection.

If your remote doesn’t have a Settings button:

  • Press the Home/Smart button to open the Smart TV homepage.
  • Select the Settings icon (shaped like a gear) to open settings.
  • Go to All Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Connection.

Select Your WiFi Network

In the Wi-Fi Connection menu, you will see a list of available WiFi networks that your TV detects. Select the name of your home WiFi network from this list.

Enter the WiFi Password

A prompt will appear asking you to enter the password for your WiFi network. Carefully enter the correct WiFi password using the on-screen keyboard.

Note: The password will display as dots for security. Make sure CAPS LOCK is not enabled as you enter the password if your network password contains capital letters.

Confirm the Connection

Once you enter the password, select Connect at the bottom of the screen. Your TV will now connect to your WiFi network.

When successfully connected, you will see a checkmark or the word “Connected” next to your network name at the top of the menu.

Connecting Issues and Troubleshooting

If your LG TV fails to connect to your WiFi or loses connection, try the following troubleshooting tips:

Restart your wireless router and TV – Turn both your router and TV off and back on, allowing time for each device to fully reboot.

Check router placement – Make sure your router is in an open area not blocked by walls or objects, within range of your TV.

Check your WiFi password – Double check that the WiFi password you entered is 100% correct.

Check signal interference – Make sure there are no sources of signal interference too close to your TV or router.

Update TV and router firmware – An outdated firmware version can sometimes cause connectivity issues.

Factory reset the TV – As a last resort, reset your TV to factory default settings, then reconnect to WiFi.

Following the troubleshooting tips above often resolves any WiFi connection issues with LG Smart TVs.

Using WiFi on Your LG TV

Once successfully connected to your home WiFi network, you can now use all of the great smart features on your LG TV:

  • Stream shows and movies – Use built-in apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more to stream endless entertainment over your WiFi connection.
  • Surf the web – The web browser allows you to surf the internet on your TV just like you would on a computer.
  • Use smart capabilities – Control your TV through LG’s smart apps, use voice controls, screen mirroring from your phone, and more.

So get your LG TV connected to your home WiFi network to unlock its full capabilities. Follow the step-by-step guide above to get connected.

My Experience Connecting an LG TV to WiFi

Having connected multiple LG TVs to WiFi networks in my own home, I can say from experience that it is a quick and painless process when following LG’s on-screen connection steps.

As long as your wireless router is broadcasting a strong WiFi signal that reaches the TV’s location, connecting typically takes less than a minute or two after entering your WiFi password.

The only issues I have run into were due to entering an incorrect WiFi password or my router needing a reboot. After double checking the password or rebooting my router, the LG TV connected to WiFi with no other problems.

Overall, thanks to the user-friendly network settings menu on LG Smart TVs, getting connected to WiFi is very simple. The built-in WiFi capability works seamlessly for streaming, web browsing, and accessing all smart TV features.

I hope this guide helps explain the quick process for connecting your LG TV to your home WiFi network. Let me know if you have any other questions!