Disable Instagram Account Temporarily & What Will Happen Next

How to Disable Instagram Account

Instagram has been a somewhat new addiction for the 21-century era. Some people decided to leaves social media to improve their life and productivity.

Instead of removing the app from the phone, I would rather disable the Instagram account to reduce the temptation.

If you have a serious project that requires full attention, disabling Instagram would be a great choice. I’ve done that and found more time to focus on the job.

NOTE: Only works for Instagram web, either PC or mobile.

How to disable Instagram account temporarily

1. Log in to Instagram with your account and click the profile account at the upper menu.

How to Disable Instagram Account

2. Next, click Edit Profile.

How to Disable Instagram Account

3. Scroll down to the bottom page, click the Temporarily disable my account link.

How to Disable Instagram Account

4. Instagram will ask you the reason for deactivating the account. You also need to fill the password again.

How to Disable Instagram Account

5. Now, click the Temporarily Disable Account.

How to Disable Instagram Account

6. It will ask the confirmation, select Yes to continue.

How to Disable Instagram Account

Your Instagram account will be automatically logged off. This means the account has completely closed and will not be available for the public, even for your followers.

You may also inform your friends or followers, so they know that you will not be available on Instagram for a while.

Have a Twitter account? Why not deactivate too? Learn how to deactivate your Twitter account for temporary.

What will happen if I disable my Instagram account?

  • All your posts, messages, likes, and activity still stored on the Instagram server but remains hidden unless you login back to the service.
  • Your photos, videos, likes, messages, comments, and many more will still exist and stored safely on the Instagram server.
  • People can’t find you on Instagram.
  • Your followers and the following list will remain.
  • Your friends not be notified about your deactivation.
  • …and your mental health may gets better (TIME).

Instagram only allowed its users to disable Instagram account once a week. If you log in back, you need to wait for the next week to get permission to disable the account again.


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