YOU CAN Enable Preview Pane on Windows 10 (Here’s How)

How to Enable Preview Pane on Windows 10

Preview Pane or sometimes called “preview tab” is a part of Windows Explorer’s feature that first goes to the public on Windows Vista.

Then this feature is became quickly accepted by Windows 7 user and Microsoft decided to include Preview Pane on the latest Windows 10.

However, the Windows 10 comes with a redesigned interface that confuses some users, especially when you try to enable Preview Pane as its option no longer shown as the previous operating system.

Here’s a guide for you to enable Preview Pane on Windows 10 – no matter what version update installed.

How to enable Preview Pane on Windows 10

1. Open the Windows Explorer (Libraries).

2. Click the View tab and activate the Preview Pane option.

How to Enable Preview Pane on Windows 10


3. Once it enabled, the selected file will show a preview on the right side of the window.

The Preview Pane works perfectly with image, video, document, and music. Several third-party software also has an integration with the Pane once its file selected. The load times might be delays for a couple of seconds depending on the size of data.

By default, Microsoft sets the Preview Pane size as one-third of the whole window area.

But you able to resize it as you want by hovering the mouse pointer right at the thin line border and drag to the left or right to customize its space.

How to Enable Preview Pane on Windows 10

If you are having trouble while activating a Preview Pane on Windows 10, don’t hesitate to explain the problem through the comment.


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