How to Take a Screenshot from HP Laptop/Computer

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Taking a screenshot from a Hewlett Packard (HP) computer or laptop is basically the same with other PC brands. However, in case you don’t know how to do that, I have several options for you.

In this article, there are at least three different methods for taking a screenshot on your HP device without installing third-party software. Each with different features and advantages — one of them could be your most favorite.

#1 Screenshot on HP computer using the PrintScreen button

1. On your HP computer or laptop, press PrintScreen button. It may be abbreviated to prt scrprnt scrn, print scr, or PS instead.

While the sign may be different, the location is consistently always at the upper rows of the keyboard. If you don’t have access to a physical keyboard, an on-screen keyboard could do the work too.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

2. Once the PrintScreen button has been pressed, now click Start and search for Paint and launch the program.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

3. On the blank canvas, click Paste or CTRL+V to display screenshot you took before.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

4. After the screenshot appeared, click File and then Save to store the file. You can choose either BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Unfortunately, this “most popular” screenshot method isn’t so flexible. For example, you can’t focus on a certain window. It will also take a whole screen — something that would be bothersome for multiple displays system like mine.

If you want to take a screenshot from an active window, then combine it with Alt+PrintScreen. Then you can paste the captured screen image to Paint or other graphics processing software.

#2 Take a screenshot using Snipping Tool

Another powerful tool from Windows is Snipping Tool. This app was installed by default on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

1. Go to Start Menu and find Snipping Tool.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

3. Select the snipping mode you want to use.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

3. Capture the desired area on the screen.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

4. Next, click File and Save As… to save the picture.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

#3 Take a screenshot that will be saved automatically

Both previous methods require you to save the picture manually. However, for Windows 10 users, you can take a screenshot and the system will store it automatically.

1. Press the Windows+PrintScreen button on your computer. A laptop or notebook may use Windows+FN+PrintScreen (if there’s no FN button, ignore it). After it pressed, the screen will dim for a glance before back to normal.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

2. Go to Documents → Pictures → Screenshots folder to see the result.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Unfortunately, this method only offers very basic features. You can’t select a specific window or screen. You also can’t change the default location and format.

Bonus: Best screenshot software

If the built-in screenshot features by Windows wasn’t satisfied you enough, then having third-party software installed may fix the problem. Here are some of the best and popular screenshot software that offers a lot of customizations.

This is my favorite software to capture screen. It comes with a handy feature that allows you to customize screenshot, shortcut key, editing, input text, and share the picture. This software is available free for Windows and has a portable version.

It’s a lightweight app to capture the screen and save it automatically in the selected directory. You can choose to screenshot the whole display, a specific window, or custom area. This freeware also runs in the background, so just press the shortcut key, it will capture the screen for you.

Probably known for its key feature which allows you to upload the captured screenshot to their cloud server. From there, you could share the link with your friends. Surprisingly, this handy software comes for free for Windows and Mac.

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