Mac User? Try These Functions & Features at Least Once

Are you a Mac User Try These Functions Features at Least Once - Mac User? Try These Functions & Features at Least Once 3

Since Apple’s inception, the company has been trying to change the world with its innovative and futuristic innovations. For instance, Apple has created an ecosystem where all Apple devices are connected to each other. You can start a call or draft an email on your Mac and continue the same tasks on your iPad or iPhone.

With time, the number of Mac users is growing exponentially. If you were using Windows before this or haven’t spent much time exploring what your Mac can do, it is natural to seek valuable tricks and tips.

There are some truly cool things you can do on your Mac to make you more productive. Check out the list below.

Perform Quick Calculations and Conversions on Spotlight

Spotlight is not only for searching files and apps. You can use the tool to perform quick math calculations, conversions, and more. Launch the tool and type the equation or figure you want to convert. The tool will show you the relevant results.

Therefore, you don’t have to search Google or use a calculator. Instead, there’s one app for all your needs: Spotlight.

Convert Documents to JPEG

If you need to share documents with different people, you must choose a format that works universally across platforms and devices. For example, if you send a doc, there might be formatting issues depending on the device that it is viewed on.

You can avoid this confusion by learning how to convert Word file to JPG. Fortunately, this can be done in Word itself. First, open the Word app > choose the text you want to convert > open a new document and click on the Edit option > Paste Special > click on the Picture tab > Save the document as a Picture.

Split the Screen to Work on Two Apps Simultaneously

Become the best multitasker that you can be when using a Mac. If you need to work on two apps simultaneously, you don’t need to go back and forth. You can use the Split Screen feature to split the screen and work on two apps simultaneously.

No need to Switch to iPhone, Reply and Read Texts on your Mac

There’s no need to work on different devices. You can focus on one and keep your iPhone aside. If there are essential texts you must respond to, you can do so right from your Mac.

Since the program updates the conversation history, you will not miss anything when using iMessage on your Mac.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Take Screenshots

Do you like something you see on the screen? You can save it by grabbing a screenshot and then sharing it with your friends or family. For screenshotting a particular part of the screen, press Command + Shift + 4. If you wish to capture the entire screen, press Command + Shift + 3.

Do you want more options? Press Command + Shift + 5, and you will get more screenshot options, including screen recording. The screenshots are saved on the desktop by default unless you have changed the save location.

Use your iPhone’s Camera as a Webcam

If you are using the updated macOS version, you can avail of the Continuity Camera feature and use your iPhone’s camera as a webcam.

Thanks to this feature, you can use the high-end camera of your iPhone for Zoom, and FaceTime calls on your Mac. Furthermore, you can use advanced iPhone camera settings like the Desk View feature, Center Stage, Studio Light, etc.

Rename Files in Bulk and Save time

Do not waste your time naming individual files when you can rename files in bulk on your Mac. Choose all the files and right-click on them. Select Rename Items and then give them a new name.

Turn the Desktop Folder Icons into Emojis

If you wish to differentiate your desktop folder icons, you can turn each folder icon into an emoji of your choice.

You can do this by creating a folder on the desktop by clicking File > New Folder. Then, search Google for your desired emoji and drag the picture to your desktop. Finally, double-click the picture to open it in the Preview app.

You can make the picture transparent by pressing the markup icon and then clicking the picture’s background. When a moving outline appears, click Edit > Cut. Then, click the markup icon again and drag a box around the emoji. Finally, select Edit and press Command + C.

Head back to the original folder created on your desktop and right-click on the folder. Then, select Get Info. In the next screen, select the blue folder icon and press Command + V. You will see the emoji appearing as the folder icon.

The Bottom Line

You can do these cool things on your Mac to heighten your productivity and enhance user experience. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to use your system to the fullest.