How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB Stick

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB

The USB stick or USB flash drive is just a storage device. It won’t open your email and download attachment directly, hence you need a computer or smartphone to transfer data, such as photos, videos, or document to the USB stick.

These things sound complicated for a general user, but actually, it’s very easy. Here I show you step by step how to transfer photos from email to USB stick.

In this tutorial, I cover two platforms. First, transfer photos from email using a computer and secondly using a smartphone.

How to transfer photos from email to USB stick using computer/laptop

1. First, login into your email account on laptop or desktop computer and select the mail that attached photos you want to transfer to the USB stick.

2. If there more than one photo, I suggest you download all the images in one click. This action will create a ZIP file contains many photos.

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB

Wait till done, the duration to download is vary depending on the size of files, internet connection, and computer’s read/write performance.

3. After the download process finished, open Downloads folder where the file is located. Right-click on the file and click Copy. Or you can use keyboard shortcut CTRL+C instead.

4. Then, plug in your USB stick to the USB port on your computer. Make sure it has enough space to store your new data.

5. Next, after the computer recognizes the USB stick, open it through Libraries or My Computer program. Right-click on blank space and click Paste, or just press keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

Give a minute for the computer to transferring the file into it. When done, the file will show on USB stick directory.

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB

But, wait…

The file still in ZIP format. It can’t be opened by image viewer app, so you must extract it first using archive software. I recommend you to using free software like 7-Zip or WinRAR.

Download 7-Zip – it’s totally free!
Download WinRAR – need to pay but has infinity trial

Download and install one of these software, but you can skip this section if you already installed one. Then, go to the ZIP file where photos trapped, right-click on it and click Extract Here.

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB

Meanwhile, Windows 10 has already supported the ZIP format. But still, 7-Zip and WinRAR is essential software for PC since most of the files on the internet using this extension.

When you finished, right-click on USB Drive and click Eject to release the USB stick safely in order to prevent corrupted data.

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB


You might want to read flash drive password protection.

How to transfer photos from email to USB stick using a smartphone

This method is required OTG cable since the most smartphone these days has no USB-A port like laptop or computer. Today’s phone only provides micro USB/USB-B or USB-C port.

Prepare a USB OTG cable or OTG adapter, it less than $5 bucks and available both online store or conventional store.

How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB

Okay, here we go.

1. First, on your Android smartphone open an email and download the photos one by one. Please note: it doesn’t support bulk download, especially for Gmail service.

2. Connect the OTG cable to your phone on the one side, and one the other side plug in your USB stick.

3. After it connected, the phone will show the USB icon on the status bar. Now, go to File Manager or if you haven’t it, download ES File Manager from Google Playstore.

4. Locate the photos, tap and hold to select more than one photos. On the context menu, select Copy and choose External Storage (USB flash drive) as the destination.

This step might be more tricky since every Android phone has its own user interface. For example, the copy button can be symbolized as text or icon depending on the brand’s decision.

But, yeah, I’m pretty sure you can handle that.

5. When done, open a status bar by swipe down the screen and tap to Unmount OTG. Finally, you can detach the USB as well as OTG cable.

Q&A for how to transfer photos from email to USB

For further information, I will recap in the following FAQ:

Q: Why OTG not detected on my phone?
A: Majority of the Android phone today support OTG connection. But if your phone is not, I guess it would be an aged phone. You still be able to access OTG using app USB OTG Helper, but it requires root.

Q: Does virus from USB flash drive harm my phone?
A: It’s depending on what kind of the virus. For instance, a virus that infects PC (Windows) won’t work on a smartphone (Android). However, Google says the newest Android version has a better security to defend itself from malware or spying software.

Q: Is there any USB stick that supports both a micro USB port and USB port?
A: Some brands now sell USB stick with dual connection support, micro USB for smartphone and USB-A for computer/laptop. Sandisk Dual USB Drive is the most popular item, so you don’t need an additional OTG cable.

Q: Does the USB stick/USB flash drive will store my files forever?
A: Forever you mean for a long time? Actually no. The USB stick is a mobile storage device, unlike HDD or SSD, it won’t store your files for years and eventually become corrupted. That’s why you need to backup USB drive, or if the flash drive already corrupted, you still have a chance to recover files from a broken USB flash drive.

Alright, that’s enough guide about How to Transfer Photos from Email to USB Stick. This tutorial actually not cover all scenario, with a different email, different operation system, and many more.

Feel free to write something you might want to ask in the comment section below!


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