How to Scan and Remove Malware Using Google Chrome

Chrome Cleanup - How to Scan and Remove Malware Using Google Chrome 3

The unwanted program still is a common problem for the computer user. This kind of program consists of malware, adware, spyware, grayware, and fake computer optimizer. In the worst scenario, most of them may cause a security risk. They able to stole credential information, compromise system, and hijack your important data, for example, Ransomware.

Unfortunately, people are generally don’t know if they were giving access to the unwanted program over their computer. While many malware removal software available on the internet with no cost, surprisingly, Google just add this sort of tool for its browser – Google Chrome.

Partnered with ESET, Google has deployed unwanted programs removal named Chrome Cleanup. According to the company, it’s a security tool that alerts Google Chrome users about potential threats. When the threats detected, it will notify and ask you to remove the suspicious program. Amazingly, it not only scans the entire browser, but also the whole computer system. Hence, you can use it as the replacement of other third-party malware removal tool.

So, how we do use it?

Remove malware using Google Chrome

In order to activate Chrome Cleanup, the browser should be the latest version. Check the Chrome version by clicking the three-dots icon menu → Help → About Google Chrome or go to chrome://settings/help on the address bar. If the browser isn’t the recent version, it will ask you to perform an update. Restarting browser after update might be required.

Once the Chrome has been updated into the latest form, go to this directory chrome://settings/cleanup address bar. When I write this post, there’s no option to access the Chrome Cleanup from the current Settings menu. Once you get there, click Find button to start scanning.

Google Chrome Cleanup


The scanning process may take several minutes depending on how big is your system. You can close the window anyway since the scanning can be performed in the background. It will alert you if any unwanted software has been found. Removing malware would require restarting the computer to take effect. Yet, if the Chrome Cleanup has not found any harmful program, that’s mean the system can be considered as safe.

Instead of scanning towards all types of malware, the Chrome Cleanup concentrate on malware that potentially dangerous for internet experience. But was actually enough to make you safe, preventing unauthorized entity gain access the machine remotely through the internet. You can count it as the second barrier after Windows Firewall.

Why did Google add Chrome Cleanup?


Google is continuously working to ensure that their users are protected from the dangerous program that would affect internet experience. For instance, some black-hat hacker can a malware to a website which easily infected the user by visiting it. You wouldn’t notice if a new malicious software has been installed silently.

Another example is adware, it showing you advertisement over and over again although it’s not from the website you visit. Adware is not a part of the dangerous program, but displaying ad without permissions can damage the website’s visitor satisfaction since the ad usually appear untidy, even worse, covering almost the entire browser.

Google’s Chrome Cleanup is just very early step to counter unwanted programs domination over the years. Hopefully, this new feature lead us to better and safer internet. But as a user, you are highly recommended avoiding any suspicious program that asks to download or install.


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