How to Scan Google Chrome from Malware

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Partnered with ESET, Google Chrome now has an extra layer of security on its system. Making the browser even safer and comes with the ability to scan or remove harmful malware.

Yep, you don’t need a third-party antivirus to ensure the security and safety of Chrome.

The built-in virus scanning feature might not so clear, but you can always take advantage of it. Check out this guide if you want to perform scanning.

Note: Make sure Google Chrome was updated. If wasn’t, please go to chrome://settings/help to get the latest version.

1. Go to Chrome Cleanup via this address chrome://settings/cleanup

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2. Click Find to start scanning.

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3. Wait until the process finished. It may take quite some time depending on the size and specifications of your system.

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4. If your computer is clean, you can close the window. But, if there’s a malware detected, you will have options to Remove or Quarantine it. You may be asked to restart your computer.

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The beauty of Chrome Cleanup is it can run in the background and works really well on Windows. In fact, this feature can be a complementary of Windows Defender, hence, third-party antivirus is not necessary.

To prevent malware infections, follow these best browsing practices:

  • Watch out for the fake virus scanner that trying to scare you into downloading unwanted software.
  • Only download files that is trusted and issued by reliable publishers.
  • Be careful when installing a new program, often they bundled with malware that can infect browser.


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