3 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Icon Doesn’t Appear on Taskbar

Fix Bluetooth Icon Doesn't Appears on the Taskbar

You just bought a new USB Bluetooth receiver, but it doesn’t seem to appear on Windows so you could not use it.

This problem is quite common and there are several ways to fix that. Here are the three most helpful solutions to fix the Bluetooth icon that doesn’t show.

#1 You may forget to turn on the Bluetooth

Fix Bluetooth Icon Doesn't Appears on the Taskbar

Turned off Bluetooth won’t appear on the Taskbar To turn on Bluetooth, navigate to SettingsDeviceBluetooth & other devices → ON.

Another way is by clicking the Notification Center icon on the right side of the Taskbar and hit Bluetooth to it turn on.

#2 Make sure that the Bluetooth icon is set to show

Fix Bluetooth Icon Doesn't Appears on the Taskbar

For some reason, you may unintentionally disable the Bluetooth icon either on Taskbar or Notification Center. Hence, you won’t be able to see whether Bluetooth was on or off.

To fix that, go to Settings → Devices → Bluetooth & other devices → More Bluetooth options. Once you get there, navigate to the Options tab and ensure the Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area is marked.

Finally, click OK and check the Taskbar if it has shown up.

#3 Reinstall or update the Bluetooth driver

Fix Bluetooth Icon Doesn't Appears on the Taskbar

Perhaps your computer is going fine but there are flaws inside the Bluetooth system itself. Go to the Device Manager and navigate to Bluetooth device, right-click on it, and select Update driver.

However, Windows may fail to find the newest version of Bluetooth driver. Try to use a third-party app like Driver Booster to get a more accurate driver software.

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