Does a Chromebook Have a USB Port? Well, It’s Complicated!

Does a Chromebook Have a USB Port

Does a Chromebook have a USB port?

This question generally asked by most people once they heard that the notebook has a very thin design and comes with Chrome OS, developed by Google. Moreover, this operating system also well-known as cloud application features, which make some people think that a traditional USB flash drive may not be supported for this device.

So, the answer is…

Chromebook has a USB port, but…

It depends on the manufacturer.

Please note that Chromebook is not a brand, it’s a nickname by Google to categorize notebook that using Chrome OS. So, the availability of USB ports is the manufacturer’s decision.

Several manufacturers provide a USB-A port that could fit for standard USB connection. However, some manufacturers decided to adopt an extremely thin design which eliminates the existence of standard USB-A and only providing more thinner USB-C port. That way you need USB-C to USB-A adapter to connect mainstream accessories like a flash drive or external speaker to your Chromebook.

Bringing USB-C adapter wherever you go with the notebook may not a convenient way. On the other side, Chromebook with a standard USB port commonly has a bulky design and heavier than USB-C version.

The easiest way to spot if the Chromebook has a USB port

Does a Chromebook Have a USB Port


First, see the Chromebook from the left and right side. Standard USB-A port has a rectangular shape, and there are two or three of them in one device. Meanwhile, the USB-C is a nearly similar size to micro USB, but it has a rounded corner (check out the comparison between USB-C and micro USB).

Secondly, read the product description carefully to see whether the Chromebook have a USB-A or USB-C port. Some Chromebook brand with USB-C port might be giving free USB-C to USB-A adapter in the package, so you don’t need to buy it separately.

A few examples of Chromebook with USB-A port

Does a Chromebook Have a USB Port

High-end notebook mostly chooses a USB-C port instead of USB-A, yet low-medium range Chromebook still provides standard USB-A and can be great options for you.

I found some examples of manufacturers that equipping USB-A port on its side. You can find more samples through the online marketplace. These products are just an example of low-budget Chromebook with USB-A, I neither recommending or promoting them.

Generally speaking, Chromebook usually comes with a lower price comparing to another Windows notebook with the same hardware configuration since Google is not demanding any fee from the manufacturer for using their operating system.

The final verdict, whether a Chromebook has USB-A ort USB-C is depending on the manufacturer. Always read the product description carefully and observe the notebook from both sides to see what kind of USB port do they provided.


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