How to Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

Working on several computers couldn’t be worse when you need to switch between computers and use a different keyboard. Other than occupying space, employing more than one keyboard for many PC is exhausting, hurting productivity, and time-consuming.

You might wonder, how to share a USB keyboard between two computers or more?

The computer keyboards are not designed to running on different machines at the same time. But third-party apps have a solution to overcome this issue.

Share keyboard on multiple computers with software

Some software enables control of multiple computer systems using the same keyboard and mouse. You can easily switch between computer through a software interface.

#1 Input Director (Free)

Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

The Input Director is a freeware that allows you to use one keyboard for multiple PC at the same time. This software divided two computers as Master and Slave. Switching between computers can be done by customized hotkey.

The USB keyboard has to be attached to the Master computer. Meanwhile, the Slave computer needs to connect the Master by WiFi or LAN in the same network. This software is available for Windows (sorry Mac & Linux).

Download Input Director

How to use Input Director

#2 FlexiHub (Paid)

Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

FlexyHub can be said as the modern version of Input Director, but unfortunately, there you may need to check your wallet first. To unlock all features, you need to pay a hefty $160 for one connection. But they are giving you a 14-day trial to use their software with full features.

In addition, FlexiHub has released to most platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android (ICS).

Download FlexiHub

How to use FlexiHub

Share keyboard between two computers with hardware

In several conditions, hardware setup always outstands any software configurations. Since most software setup feels too complicated for average users, physical hardware offers excellent convenience with just a simple press button to switch the machines.

#1 Sabrent

Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

Sabrent is a small device with USB ports, allowing the central computer to share its keyboard to another computer. It has three USB ports, two of them for computer, while one port to connect your keyboard or mouse.

This device also has a button to switch control from A to B, along with a light indicator to help you know which one is being used. After all, Sabrent is a good option for people looking for a peripheral device to link computers in a relatively small area.

Buy Sabrent $7.99

#2 Ugreen

Share USB Keyboard Between Two Computers

Unlike Sabrent that only have a single USB port for a peripheral device, Ugreen USB Switch Selector boasts 4 USB ports available. So, you can connect a keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, etc, and control them from two computers.

It works to a different type of Windows, macOS, and Linux without driver installation. However, talking about price, the Ugreen is over twice much than Sabrent. But, this device could be a good option if you have so many devices to connect on the multiple computers together.

Buy Ugreen $29.99

Alright, that’s it. Which options do you prefer to connect a USB device to multiple computers? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. The Sabrent is a logical solution to a vexing issue. It also enhances my interest because it is hard wired and not a problematic wireless unit. I’ve been around the block since 1988 on ‘puters. After the ‘Wow!” factyor wore off, and the system flaws of wireless mouses and keyboards became to burdensome, I now use wired only. No issues at all. Sabrent got an order bny7 virtue o0f your article. Thanks

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