How to Get a Free Temporary Email Address

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Nowadays almost every website requires you to register or log in using your email. It can be annoying and time-consuming to fill out forms and verify your identity. Sometimes you just want to browse the site without giving away your personal information. That’s why some people use temporary email address services.

What is a temporary email address?

A temporary email address is a service that allows you to create and use an email address that is not linked to your personal or work account. The email address is usually valid for a short period of time, such as 10 minutes or 24 hours, and then it is automatically deleted. This way, you can avoid spam, protect your privacy, and verify online accounts without revealing your real identity.

Some examples of free temporary email address services are:

Create a temporary email address using Chrome plugin

One way to create a temporary email address is to use a Chrome plugin that allows you to generate and manage disposable email addresses from your browser. There are many Chrome plugins that offer this feature, but in this tutorial, we choose Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email. Here are the steps to use it:

1. Install the plugin from the Chrome Web Store by clicking on the Add to Chrome button

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2. Then click on Add extension.

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3. Once installed, you will see a Temp Mail icon on the top right corner of your browser. Click on it to open the plugin’s popup window.

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4. You will see a randomly generated temporary email address that you can copy and use for any purpose. You can also change the email address by clicking the Change button.

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5. To check your inbox for any received emails, click the Inbox button.

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6. You will see a list of emails you can open, delete, or reply to.

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7. To delete your temporary email address and all its emails, click on the Delete button or wait for 10 minutes until it expires automatically.

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That’s it! You can repeat this process whenever you need a new disposable email address for any reason. Remember to delete your temporary email address when you are done with it to avoid cluttering your inbox and compromising your privacy.


How do I create a temporary email address in Gmail?

Yes, you can create a temporary email in Gmail. One way is to use a Gmail Generator application. You can open the app, enter your Gmail address, and click the Generate temp Gmail button. The app will instantly generate a disposable Gmail address for you.

Is temporary email legal?

The main purpose of temporary email is to avoid spam, protect privacy, and prevent identity theft. Temporary email is legal in most countries, as long as it is not used for illegal or fraudulent activities, such as impersonating someone else, sending malicious messages, or accessing unauthorized accounts. However, some websites may not accept temporary email addresses and may require users to verify their identity with a permanent email address. Therefore, users should be careful and responsible when using temporary email services.

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