How to Add and Set Display Names in WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger allows users to set a display name that will be visible to their contacts in the app. This display name can be useful for identifying yourself, especially to new contacts who don’t already have your number saved.

Adding a Display Name

Adding a display name in WhatsApp is simple:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the More options (three dots) icon in the top right
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on your profile picture at the top
  • Next to your phone number, tap the pencil icon next to where it says “Name”
  • Type in the name you want displayed on WhatsApp
  • Tap Save when finished

Your new display name should now be visible to all your WhatsApp contacts.

Note: There is a 25 character limit for WhatsApp display names. You can also add emojis if desired.

Changing Your Display Name

To change your existing WhatsApp display name:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Tap your profile picture
  • Tap the pencil icon next to your current name
  • Edit the name as desired
  • Tap Save when finished

The updated name will now display for all your contacts. Feel free to experiment with different names until you find one you like.

Display Name Visibility

Your WhatsApp display name has different visibility depending on whether a contact has your number saved or not:

  • For saved contacts – They will see the name used for your contact in their phone book. WhatsApp pulls the name from a user’s local contacts.
  • For unsaved contacts – These users will see the display name you set in WhatsApp. This helps identify you even if they don’t have your number stored.

So in summary, your WhatsApp display name acts as a fallback for identification purposes with new contacts. But for existing contacts, it defaults to the name used in their local phone book.

Tips for Setting Your Display Name

Here are some tips when configuring your personal display name:

  • Use your real name – This helps ensure contacts can identify you properly. Nicknames can lead to confusion.
  • Keep it short and simple – Long names are cut off after 25 characters. Stick to key name components.
  • Add emojis – Emojis can help your name stand out and show a bit of personality.
  • Avoid phone numbers – Don’t use your phone number as the display name. This defeats the purpose of adding a name.
  • Update regularly – If your name changes, make sure to update your WhatsApp display name for clarity.

Display Names for Businesses

WhatsApp also offers verified business accounts with green checkmark verification badges. For these, keep in mind:

  • Use official business name – Display names should accurately represent the business or organization.
  • Include department or service (if applicable) – For large businesses, identify the department or service.
  • Follow capitalization rules – Only capitalize proper nouns and acronyms. Don’t use all caps.
  • Use 3+ characters – WhatsApp requires a minimum of 3 characters for business display names.

Correct display names help ensure a professional brand image on WhatsApp. Use them to clearly convey essential identifying details.


Adding and configuring a WhatsApp display name only takes a few taps but can make a big difference for identification and branding. Set yours up now if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to keep it updated if anything changes over time.