3 Methods to Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB Cable

How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB Cable - 3 Methods to Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB Cable 3

Android phone usually comes with a USB cable that supposed to be charging and file transfer to computer. As time goes by, USB has become a versatile port ever. Now, it lets you connect the phone to TV.

So, how to connect an Android phone to a TV using USB cable?

Since every TV in the world has its configuration and port, connecting an Android phone to the TV may encounter some obstacles.

Therefore, I have several options below and probably one of them will works on your TV (hopefully).

Method 1: If you have a smart TV, just plug in through the USB port

How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB Cable
Smart TV is designed to be easily connect via USB cable

This method can be applied if you have a modern smart TV and Android phone with video output capability. That way you can mirror your Android screen to the TV easily without third-party apps or hardware.

The TV should be already with a standard USB port. Once it connected, the phone can be used for remote control, as well as video streaming. You might need to select an input channel sudden after it’s connected.

Remember, not all Android phones came with video output capability. So, no matter you have a high-end smart TV, mirroring unsupported Android phone will pointless. Also, some older TV did not read an Android phone as a channel input, but rather a storage device.

Method 2: Using software to mirror from Android to TV

In this method, USB cable still takes place, yet you need an additional device such as a laptop or desktop PC plus an HDMI cable. This is also to be a good option assuming your Android phone has no video support.

In a nutshell, the digital signal from the phone transferred to a computer, and then it is going through the HDMI cable and shows up on the TV. Here, I’ve some good apps for mirroring Android screen to TV:

  • Vysor: This app is Chrome-based service; hence you need a Google Chrome on the computer to use it. Overall, pairing Android to the computer by this app can be performed smoothly.
  • MirrorGo: It is designed for the mobile gamer that wanted to play their games on the PC. But, one of its features also can be used for streaming videos and displaying it to a TV.

After the phone paired with the PC, connect it to the TV via HDMI cable. Most TV in the market today should have an HDMI port generally.


Now, on your computer, press Window+P shortcut and choose Duplicate to stream phone’s display to the TV.

Method 3: Using specialized hardware to connect wirelessly

How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB Cable
A device like Chromecast gives the advantage to mirror phone screen to a TV wirelessly (via EricaJoy/Flickr)

Alright, this is the last option available. I admitted it actually out of topic and sounds misleading because it’s not employing USB cable, but probably this going to helps you.

The hardware I’m going to talking about is Chromecast and Miracast. These devices attached to the TV by HDMI port. They have built-in WiFi so that you can stream Android screen without cable directly to the TV.

Both Chromecast and Miracast priced around $30-$40 per unit. But you can also find a similar device from many brands which offer less price. However, the function is pretty much the same and works with any (modern) TV.


Finally, there are three options available to connect the Android phone to your TV:

  1. If you have a smart TV, you can connect directly via USB port
  2. Using computer software for mirroring phone’s screen to TV
  3. Taking advantage of Chromecast or Miracast

What do you think?

Which method do you preferred?

Let me know in the comment 🙂


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