How to Resume and Continue Watching Movies in Disney Plus App

The Disney Plus streaming service allows you to resume movies and TV shows where you left off, thanks to its “Continue Watching” feature. This makes it easy to pick up right where you stopped without having to search for the content again or try to remember the exact spot you were at.

What is the Continue Watching Feature?

The Continue Watching feature shows you the movies and shows you have recently watched but haven’t finished. It displays them in a separate row on the Disney Plus homepage, so you can quickly find and resume anything you’ve started.


  • Easily resume movies or shows from where you left off
  • Separate row makes recently watched content easy to find
  • Works across devices, so you can start on one device and continue on another

How to Use Continue Watching

Using the Continue Watching feature is simple:

  1. Open the Disney Plus App – Make sure you have the latest version installed on your device
  2. Go to the Homepage – The Continue Watching row will be clearly visible
  3. Select the Title – Choose the movie or show you want to resume
  4. Tap Resume – This will take you right back to the spot you left off!

Tip: The Resume button is on the details page for each title in your Continue Watching row.

Continue Watching on Different Devices

A great thing about Disney Plus is that Continue Watching works across all your devices. So you can start watching something on your smart TV, then pick up right where you left off later on your phone or tablet.

The recently watched title just needs to show up in your Continue Watching row – then use the Resume button on any device. Your place will be saved!

Troubleshooting Tips

If you aren’t seeing the Continue Watching section or can’t resume from where you left off, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check Your Internet Connection – Make sure your device is connected to the internet. Continue Watching relies on an internet connection and the Disney Plus servers.
  • Update the App – Ensure you have the latest version of the Disney Plus app installed. Updates sometimes include fixes for Continue Watching issues.
  • Restart the App – Force close and relaunch the Disney Plus app on your device. This clears out any glitches.
  • Use a Different Device – Try accessing Disney Plus on another device connected to the same account. See if Continue Watching works properly on a different platform.
  • Contact Disney Plus Support – If all else fails, reach out to the Disney Plus help center online or by phone. They can further troubleshoot or escalate any Continue Watching problems you are experiencing.

Continue Watching on Profiles

The Disney Plus Continue Watching feature works for all profiles associated with your account. So if one person starts watching a movie and another wants to finish it, the Resume option will be there for both users.

However, Continue Watching content is profile-specific. This means:

  • Movies/shows resumed on Profile A will only display under Profile A’s Continue Watching
  • Profile B will have its own separate queue of recently watched titles

So your personal watch history doesn’t get mixed together between profiles.

Continue Watching Limit

Disney Plus can only display a limited number of titles in your Continue Watching queue. Typically only the 4-5 most recently watched movies or shows are visible.

Anything you started watching longer ago will get bumped off the list automatically. But don’t worry – your watch progress is still getting tracked by Disney Plus even if a title disappears from the row.

You can resume watching older titles by:

  • Searching for the movie or show
  • Going to the details page
  • Using the Resume button there

So your full viewing history is preserved and accessible. The Continue Watching row just keeps things tidy by only highlighting your most recent watches.

Continue Watching on Disney Plus vs. Other Streaming Services

Most major streaming platforms now include some version of a “Keep Watching” or “Continue Watching” feature. But there are some differences in how this works across services:

  • Netflix: Saves your spot for a limited time, then removes titles from the Keep Watching row. Doesn’t always let you resume.
  • Hulu: Lets you always resume shows/movies, but doesn’t display a dedicated Continue Watching row.
  • Amazon Prime: Shows you a Keep Watching row, but it’s not available on all devices. Resume functionality can be inconsistent.
  • Disney Plus: Robust Continue Watching feature that reliably saves your spot and makes resuming easy across all devices.

So while the other streaming giants offer half-measures, Disney Plus delivers the most seamless and dependable Continue Watching experience across its platform.

In Summary

Thanks to its Continue Watching row, Disney Plus makes it super simple to resume movies and shows right where you left off – anytime and on any device. Just open up the Disney Plus app, scroll down to the Continue Watching section, and tap the Resume button on whatever title you want to continue. This picks things up exactly where you stopped last time.

If you ever run into problems with the Continue Watching feature, try the troubleshooting tips listed above like checking your internet, updating the app, switching devices, or contacting Disney Plus support. They can help get Continue Watching running smoothly again.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of Disney Plus knowing you can pause the fun anytime and resume whenever you’re ready!