How to Update Google Chrome on Desktop

How to Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome currently holds the top position of desktop browser market share according to Stat Counter. Simple, better performances, tons of extension, and regular update from the company behinds it marking the Chrome as the most popular browser boast 67 percent of the worldwide user. Coincidentally, that numbers also represent the version of it, Chrome 67 which just been released in early June 2018. But you probably still don’t know what the version that is used and how to update Google Chrome into the most sophisticated version.

Unlike Windows Update, Google Chrome doesn’t force their user to install new update first. Instead, they offering to work with Chrome as usual despite it’s being obsolete due to the new update. Only if your Chrome version is extremely old, it will perform update automatically.

For anyone who doesn’t know how to update Google Chrome, here’s a simple guide to doing that. This guide works for all operating system, whether Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, or Chrome OS.

How to Update Google Chrome on Desktop

Launch the Google Chrome on your computer, click the three vertical dots icon to expand the menu.

How to Update Google Chrome

Hover the pointer over Help and select About Google Chrome.

How to Update Google Chrome

You will be directed to About Chrome page, at the same time it will checking new update and began to install it if available. The update process might take several minutes on average, depending on the internet connection.

How to Update Google Chrome

Once the update has been installed, Chrome will ask you to restart the browser. In case you have an undone work, save it first to prevent losing data. Then, click Relaunch.

How to Update Google Chrome

Chrome will close for several seconds before it comes up again with the new version. After updated, you notice little bit interface and features.

How to Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome usually will restore previous web page tabs soon after the browser opened again. But, in case this feature won’t work properly, press shortcut keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+T to re-open preceding tab(s).

When Google Chrome get a new update?

Unfortunately, there’s no official schedule for Chrome to get a new update. But if we looking back in 2011 where the browser was first started, we can conclude that Chrome has been updated every 3-4 months albeit without a specific date.

Does Chrome’s update is important?

According to Google, yeah! That was important. Ensuring the Chrome version is the latest one is highly recommended. It allows you to get more feature along with better security and performances.

Why did Chrome not perform update automatically?

Chrome was actually downloading and installing a new update in the background, without interrupting your work in the browser. There are two things that make Chrome refuses to update. First, it may be caused by heavy-intense web browsing usage so the system won’t impedes current workload. Another reason is the user did not close the Chrome for a while, so there’s no chance for it to installing the new update.

Can I rollback Google Chrome?

Sure, you can, it requires a complex guide to rollback Chrome version. You can see the tutorial on Google Chrome Help Forum.

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