How to Update Google Chrome Desktop Instantly

Updating Google Chrome - How to Update Google Chrome Desktop Instantly 3

Unlike Windows Update, Google Chrome doesn’t force their user to install new update first. Instead, unless for minor updates, you need to hit the “update” button.

Updating Chrome is absolutely recommended to ensure safety, better performance, and improved features. If you don’t know how to update Chrome on PC, here’s how you can do that.

How to Update Google Chrome Desktop

1. Head to Chrome’s menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

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2. The update process will be automatically started.

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3. Once finished, click Relaunch. Make sure you have save your work first.

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4. Now, the latest Chrome has been installed.

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Troubleshooting Chrome Update Issues

Of course technology doesn’t always work perfectly, so here are some troubleshooting tips in case Chrome updates fail on your computer:

  • On Windows, make sure background updates are not disabled. Chrome relies on this functionality of Windows to download updates silently. If disabled, updates can only be installed manually.
  • For Mac users, confirm that auto-updates are enabled for all users in Chrome’s preferences. Updates on Mac require permissions to install in the background.
  • If updates still won’t run properly, try checking for updates and installing them manually rather than waiting for background updates.
  • Similarly, you can download the standalone installer for the latest Chrome version from Google’s website and run it manually. This essentially forces an update outside of the normal update mechanism.
  • As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall Chrome on your computer. This wipes the slate clean, ensuring all files get replaced with the newest versions.

So while Chrome updates themselves just take a quick relaunch to install, getting the process to work properly can take some deeper troubleshooting. But thankfully Google provides plenty of tools and fallback options to force an update if needed.

Conclusion: Keep Chrome Updated for Security and Features

I hope this article gave you a good overview of why staying updated in Chrome desktop is important, how to instantly check for and install updates, and some tips for troubleshooting update problems.The key takeaways are:

  • Security and features: Chrome updates should be embraced to get the latest protections and improvements.
  • Check manually: Use the About section to verify you have the newest Chrome version.
  • Install updates: Pending updates only require closing all Chrome windows and relaunching to be applied quickly.
  • Enable auto-updates: Background update functionality needs to be enabled in Windows and Mac settings for the smoothest updating experience.

So stay safe and enjoy the latest Chrome has to offer by taking a few moments to install updates whenever they become available – typically every 6 weeks or so. And you now know how to get updates instantly applied rather than waiting for background processes and restarts.