How to Create Web Shortcut on Chrome PC

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Web shortcut allows you to access certain URL page faster and more convenient without having to launch a browser first. Google Chrome implemented a ‘web shortcut’ that behave like desktop shortcuts.

In this guide, you will learn how to create a web shortcut on Google Chrome desktop.

1. Go to the site you want to make its shortcut.

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2. Hit Chrome menu > More tools > Create shortcut.

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3. Give it a name and Create.

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4. The shortcut will appear on the desktop.

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5. You can pin it to Taskbar for easier access.

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The shortcut will automatically launch a Chrome window and visit the site quickly. If you want to be more private, learn how to create a Chrome Incognito shortcut.

Customizing Your New Shortcuts

Once created, desktop web shortcuts can be customized to suit your needs or preferences:

  • Rename – Right-click the icon > Rename to update the label if desired.
  • Reposition – Drag and drop shortcuts into folders, group icons, or line up along screen edges.
  • Change icon – For custom images, right-click > Properties > Shortcut tab > Change Icon.
  • Modify properties – Adjust window size, functionality, etc. by right-clicking > Properties.
  • Pin to Start or taskbar – Enjoy one-click access from even more locations.
  • Delete – Right-click > Delete to remove shortcuts if no longer needed.

Get creative with positioning, color-coding by category, or finding icons that are meaningful to you.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Adding desktop shortcuts for websites you access daily can save tremendous time and effort. After following the quick creation steps above, your most important sites are just a click or two away anytime you need them.Some additional pointers as you get started with web shortcuts:

  • Revisit the properties to toggle “Open as window” on/off based on preference.
  • Most major browsers support adding shortcuts, so the process is similar across Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
  • Folders keep things better organized, especially if building a large collection of site shortcuts.
  • Occasionally check for unused shortcuts that could be removed to declutter.

With the ability to conveniently launch websites plus customize shortcuts to your liking, this feature is one you’ll be sure to get plenty of use from. Simply tap an icon to instantly open tools, products, services, knowledge bases, and more. Give it a try with your most-visited destinations first!