How to Delete All Google Plus Posts without Deleting Account

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

You might have posted some moments to Google Plus account, the social media service made by Google with enormous of features despite the report says it’s far below major company like Facebook and Twitter. But the connection between other Google’s web service probably the most relevant reason why Google Plus is still alive. I was using Google+ for years then decide to clean my posts. But there are thousands of posts I ever published, so ridiculous if should deleting each post manually. Instead, I found the perfect way to delete all Google Plus posts.

Previously, mass-deletion of posts can be done by downgrade the Google Plus account and upgrade it back. Unfortunately, that method not only kills your posts, but entire activity, such as comments, votes, events, and friend list. In the other words, it’s sort of restarting account without leaving any backup.

Thanks to a developer who works on web browser relentlessly, making it more reliable than ever before. Now, you can take the advantages of Inspect Element ability on the modern browser to temporarily ‘modify’ the Google Plus web page to allow you bulk delete posts in just a single click.

On this tutorial, I’m going to use Inspect Element features on Google Chrome, while other browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge also have a similar tool. Hopefully, you still able reenacting my guide below.

UPDATE: The following guide is no longer relevant as Google discontinued Google+. All of the users’ data have been removed from the server.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts without Deleting Account

Step 1
Go to using the desktop browser, I encourage you to use the popular browser.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 2
Now you are in Activity Log page for Google Plus. Since we going mass-delete posts, please ensure that you choose Posts on the selection.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 3
Next, right-click on the random area, then select Inspect (CTRL+SHIFT+I). Other versions of the browser may have a different name but the actual features are same.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 4
You will see a new box area full of web programming language, whether it’s on the bottom or the side of the window. Just click the Console tab.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 5
Copy following script below: = "200%"; // Always allow to scroll to wake the ajax
(function deleteItems() {
// All of the X buttons but from posts being removed
const xButtons = document.querySelectorAll(".kKHdKc:not(.FmKyud) .XVzU0b.J3yWx");
// If reached the end of the list
const reachedEnd = window.getComputedStyle(document.querySelector(".Jb45He.SrWDEb")).getPropertyValue("display") !== "none";

if (reachedEnd) {
// Stop if no more buttons to delete
console.log("No more buttons! Stopping");
} else if (xButtons.length === 0 && document.querySelectorAll(".kKHdKc.FmKyud").length === 0) { // No more buttons to press and it's not disposing of old comments
// Scroll to wake up G+, an easier hack than calling G+ or loading all comments on a slow system
window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight);
window.setTimeout(function() {
window.scrollTo(0, 0);
}, 10);

// Click the X buttons
for (let i = 0; i < xButtons.length; i++) {
// Click the all the modals' delete buttons
window.setTimeout(function() {
let modalDeleteButtons = document.querySelectorAll(".HvOprf .RveJvd");
for (let i = 0; i < modalDeleteButtons.length; i++) {
}, 3);
window.setTimeout(function() {deleteItems();}, 100); // Forces at least the syncronous tasks to finish which is why I used this over an interval

Then paste to the Console area. Don’t worry, the script is safe. It will not steal your sensitive information or take control of your account. Doubt? Ask your friend who understands about web programming to check up the script :p

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 6
Put cursor at the very end of the script, then press Enter on your keyboard to run the script.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Step 7
Finally, just leave the page open until the deletion process finished. It may take several minutes to clean up your Google+ posts. Reliable internet connection is highly recommended since the script needs to dig up older posts.

How to Delete All Google Plus Posts

Furthermore, if the process has stopped before it finished the job, try to refresh the page and put back the script again. Slow internet connection and auto tab refresh may break the script function. The script was still running although you on different browser tab but the progress seemed to be slower. Once finished, the script would automatically stop and you can close the page. Sure, your Google Plus account still exists except the posts.

I eliminated all Google Plus posts for about an hour. Still a lot of time, but to be fair, it completely easier than removing each post manually which can demand my time over a week. Plus, your friend still able to find you on the service.

If you have a problem to delete all Google Plus posts, don’t hesitate to ask me through the comment section below. Also, I appreciate your feedback if you found this guide is helpful.


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