How to Block Someone on Gmail Desktop

How to Block Someone on Gmail

Gmail deployed a filter system to prevent any spam email showing on the primary mailbox. But, no system is safe, there are a lot of spam emails sent to the user’s email account undetected by the system.

If so, there’s no other way except blocking the sender address manually. In this tutorial, I’ll provide a screenshot to follow based on the Gmail desktop version.

How to block someone on Gmail

1. First, go to your Gmail account.

2. Locate the mail that sent by contact you desired to block.

3. On that page, go to the drop-down menu on the top right corner mail page, and then click Block “contact name”.

How to Block Someone on Gmail - How to Block Someone on Gmail Desktop 3

4. After that you will get a warning message, just click Block to continue.

How to Block Someone on Gmail

5. Now the contact and its email address marked as spam and you will no longer receive a future message from that person.


This method is highly reliable to prevent spam mail flooding your mailbox. However, if you change your mind, you still able to unblock the person by these steps:

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

1. Go to the Settings option through the gear icon on the right top corner of the Gmail page.

How to Block Someone on Gmail

2. Choose Filters and Blocked Addresses tab and it will show blacklisted contacts. To unblock the email, mark the intended contact and then click Unblock selected addresses.

ow to Block Someone on Gmail

3. You also will get a warning message, click on the Unblock button to proceed.

This process may take a few seconds depending on the number of people you want to unblock. Once revoked, they can reach you by email as usual.

How to prevent spam email in the future?

Make sure you don’t subscribe to an uncredible entity that targeting your email. The mainstream subscription channel provides an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the message. It is usually very small and dim. You can use that option to stop receiving newsletters or updates in the future.


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