5 Fixes Logitech Keyboard Can’t Press Multiple Keys at Once

Logitech Keyboard - 5 Fixes Logitech Keyboard Can't Press Multiple Keys at Once 3

Have you ever encounter a problem where the keyboard can’t press certain buttons at once? This issue is pretty common for wireless keyboards (this is also known as ‘keyboard ghosting’).

In my case (Logitech MK345 Combo), I can’t press the letter “W” and “A” at the same time. Other keys like “O” and “7” won’t work either when I combined them with “Ctrl” or “Shift”. Quite often the problem comes and goes without any clear explanation.

Luckily, I found some solutions that worked for me, and could possibly work for you as well.

#1 Clean your keyboard with compressed air can

Dirt like dust and sand can interfere with the electronic circuit underneath your keyboard. A compressed air duster can clean dust and dirt from your keyboard more effectively than a regular blower or vacuum cleaner because of the extreme pressure inside it.

Luckily, compressed air cans are generally cheap and easy to find. One product that quite popular is Falcon Dust Disposable Cleaning Duster which only costs $8,25 each and should be enough to clean your keyboard alongside other peripherals.

#2 Unpair/repair the keyboard and switch the USB port as well

There’s a chance small bug errors could affect the keyboard keys. By unrepair and repair the keyboard, it will set the system to its default level. You can also switch the USB port just in case the current port might be broken.

#3 For a wireless keyboard, don’t connect the receiver via a USB hub

Having a receiver connected via a USB hub can cause signal interference with other devices that connected to the same system. This kind of problem also appears when using Bluetooth and WiFi on the same USB hub. Find a free USB port on your PC or laptop for a receiver to settle in.

#4 Update its driver/firmware

It best to keep the hardware’s driver and firmware on its latest iteration. Luckily for Logitech users, you can find the latest driver through the Logitech Support Download page.

Meanwhile, for upgrading firmware, you may refer to the official Firmware Update Tool. It will automatically detect your type of keyboard and install the latest firmware for it.

#5 Try it on a different computer to see the core problem

If the multiple keys problem does not appear on a different computer, then it is safe to say that the core problem is software-related on your PC. Perhaps there’s a program that preventing the keyboard from working properly.

On the other hand, if the problem still appears, then you may check your keyboard warranty to see whether you are still eligible for claiming free services or replacement.

If none of these tips above help you, don’t be hesitate to reach Logitech Community or Logitech Support for additional assitance.

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