How to Remove 90km/h Speed Limit on ETS2

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By default, your truck won’t go any faster than 90km/h on Euro Truck Simulator 2. No matter how much you spend on the engine and performance, the speed just falls on that limit.

That’s not your fault. The game itself limits your maximum speed to 90km/hour, although most trucks can go above 120+km/hour quite easily.

However, many players wish to drive at higher speeds in the game. Here are the steps to remove the 90km/h speed limit in ETS2 so you can deliver cargo twice as fast!

How to disable the 90km/h speed limit

1. Go to the pause menu, and select Options.

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3. Select Gameplay.

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3. Disable check on the Truck speed limiter option.

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4. Go back to the game and you should be able to drive beyond the previous limit.

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Be careful of the speed limit!

A fine for a speed limit violation is without a doubt, the most expensive penalty you can get when driving.

I often got caught by speed cameras or patrol cars and had to pay somewhere between €2500 and €5000 which could be detrimental for new drivers.

If you are not careful, you may have to pay more than the income you get after delivering the cargo. Not to mention that it can increase the probability of crashes with other vehicles, the truck tipping over when turning, and sometimes misses the exit.

How to trick the speed limit on ETS2

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Look at the screenshot above. There’s a police car, the truck is running at 127km/h, and weirdly enough, there’s no speed limit sign, nor the speedometer turned into red.


The answer is the shoulder lane.

I found that the shoulder is basically a free area where you can stop, drive backwards, drive the wrong way, or even go above the maximum speed limit, and there are almost no consequences.

However, I still got the speeding violation ticket and had to pay “just” €200 instead of €5000. They also didn’t specify how fast I was driving, and extremely rare to get that ticket.

Here are some tips when driving above the speed limit:

  • Keep your truck inside the shoulder as much as possible
  • Watch for the random event on the shoulder
  • Some shoulders are so narrow, use a normal lane instead
  • Install light bars, it helps you a lot when driving at high speed
  • Mind your speed, you still to do some maneuvers
  • If you are towing heavy cargo, it is best to don’t go too fast
  • Obey the speed limit on a sharp turn
  • Obey the speed limit in a city, there are a lot of speed traps

After all, ETS 2 is supposed to be a simulator game to mimic the real-world condition. Perhaps you only drive above the speed limit when absolutely necessary.

Speed Limits in ETS2

The default speed limits in ETS2 are:

  • 50 km/h in cities
  • 80-90 km/h on highways and major roads
  • 60 km/h on smaller roads in some countries like Germany

In some construction area, the speed limit may be dropped to around 30 km/h.

Risks of high-speed driving in ETS2

While removing the speed limiter and limits is easy, driving at high speeds has some risks:

  • Higher chance of crashing into traffic or road barriers
  • Rolling over easier when turning at high speeds
  • Missing exits and waypoints due to high-speed
  • Increased truck wear and higher costs for repairs
  • Reduced handling, especially in a rainy weather
  • Possible achievement disabling in some cases

Make sure to install good truck stability mods and drive carefully if driving at very high speeds above 90km/h.

Best Trucks for High Speed in ETS2

The truck and engine you use determine the maximum speed you can reach in ETS2. Here are some of the best high-speed trucks:

TruckTop Speed
Volvo FH16140km/h
Scania S130km/h
Mercedes Actros125km/h
MAN TGX140km/h

Some powerful engine mods enable you to go beyond 200km/h, which is insanely fast. However, it may make the driving too difficult and much less enjoyable.

Tips when choosing high performance truck

Assuming the speed limits disabled, the top speed of your truck depends on factors like:

  • Engine power – More horsepower allows higher speed. The strongest engines reach 750+ HP.
  • Gear ratios – Gearboxes with “longer” top gears can reach higher speeds.
  • Truck aerodynamics – More streamlined trucks have higher top speeds. Newer truck models tend to be more optimized.

For example, a high-powered Volvo or Scania with an optimized gearbox and body can reach 160-170 km/h. Older, boxier trucks may top out at around 130-140 km/h.

Considerations when driving above the speed limit

Beyond personal play style, there are other factors influencing the speed choice:

  • Road types – Major highways enable faster driving, while cities and small roads demand slower speeds.
  • Traffic and hazards – More congested areas require slower, safer speeds.
  • Cargo and damage – Fragile/volatile cargo or high damage risk incentivize careful driving.
  • Time constraints – Delivery time limits may pressure players to drive faster.

Even players who enjoy driving fast will slow down when conditions demand it.

Should you be driving above the speed limit?

The answer depends on your style of playing. But there are three categories to choose from.

  • Realistic – Follow actual speed limits and traffic laws, drive cautiously. Prioritize immersion.
  • Fast – Disable limits, drive at top speed for excitement. Gameplay over realism.
  • Mixed – Drive above limits but not excessively fast. A compromise of enjoyment and realism.

For me, I’m a mixed player who doesn’t like to be limited by the slow 90 km/h limit but I also don’t want to go excessively fast as it would kill the immersion and turn the game into a racing genre.

With no actual risk, moderate speeding satisfies without sacrificing too much realism.


Removing ETS2’s default speed limiter and road limits lets you experience high-speed trucking. Just be careful when driving at 120km/h or above, and install mods to improve stability.

Don’t forget to obey limits in cities and tight turns, and drive safely. With these tips, you’ll be speeding down the autobahn in your souped-up truck in no time!

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