How to Reset Windows 10 PC, So it Becomes Like New

How to Reset Windows 10 PC So it Becomes Like New - How to Reset Windows 10 PC, So it Becomes Like New 3

Instead of reinstalling your Windows 10 desktop computer or laptop with a distinctive operating system license, you can reset the computer so it becomes like a new device. Microsoft has given an access for its user to easily reset Windows 10 without additional software.

Resetting PC is basically deleting everything that stored inside them and reverting entire configurations you’ve previously made to the default state (factory reset).

Now, no matter the reason you wanted to reset Windows 10 device, either refreshing its performances or giving away the PC, here’s the guide to reset your Windows 10 PC seamlessly.

Reset Windows 10

Step 1
Navigate to Settings, located on the Start Menu. Next, select Update & Security.

Reset Windows 10

Step 2
Heads to Recovery menu and click Get started.

Reset Windows 10

Step 3
You would get a window like this. Please choose either Keep my files or Remove everything.

Reset Windows 10

Step 3
If your PC has more than one disk partition, you can choose to reset all drives or specific drive only.

Reset Windows 10

Step 4
If you want to keep using the PC, please click the Just remove my files option. Otherwise, you can pick Remove files and clean the drive in case the PC will be giving away or for sale (this will prevent someone to recover your files).

Reset Windows 10


Step 5
Please wait for minutes while the system is processing your request.

Reset Windows 10

Step 6
Review your reset’s settings and hit Reset if everything is fine.

Reset Windows 10

Now what?

The Windows 10 PC will be cleaning up the drives and resetting the settings. While it running, your PC may be restarted several times. Make sure the device is connected to the reliable power source. Unexpected shut down would interfere with the process and potentially damage necessary files.

And… please, don’t hit the keyboard. You won’t accidentally delete ‘something’, isn’t?

How long it takes to reset Windows 10?

For this question, the answer might vary depending on the resetting profile, PC’s performances, amount of files, and many other factors. However, according to my experience, it takes nearly 5 hours to reset my 1-year-old computer.

Yes, 99,99% of that time is resetting progress. You don’t need to do anything unless something displayed on the screen, asking you to do something.

What will happen after?

After hours of waiting, your PC should be turned on automatically with a refreshed operating system. Nonetheless, the Windows 10 license would remain as it was.

In addition, during the process, you may be facing a BIOS-like screen that asks you to do something. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what should you do since every device has its own mainboard system which results in a different action.

Anyway, if you have a trouble when resetting Windows 10, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comment.


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