How to Convert PDF to Word .DOCX using Google Docs (FREE)

How to Convert PDF to Word without Additional Software

Converting PDF to Word has been offered by Adobe Acrobat Pro, but it requires $14,99/month and seems not fair price considering if you are not regularly using the service.

There is bunch document converter service available online, and most of them limited by document size, page limit, or even required registration.

Luckily, you can take advantage of Google Docs which allows you to convert PDF to Word without any limitations. Even better, it’s a free web app and you only need a Google account to access that.

How to convert PDF to Word using Google Docs

1. Log in to your Google account and go to Google Drive. Upload the desired PDF document onto it by drag and drop or file explorer option.

2. Once it uploaded, right-click on the document, select Open With, choose Google Docs. It will lead you to Google Document service.

How to Convert PDF to Word without Additional Software

3. After that, you will see the PDF document is editable. In this section, you can modify the document with the available tools.

4. Once you finished, click File, select Download as, and pick Microsoft Word (.docx). You also free to choose another format as well.

How to Convert PDF to Word without Additional Software

5. The file should be immediately downloaded and now totally in Microsoft Word (DOCX) format.

Why using Google service?

Google Documents capable of rendering image-based content on PDF into text format, this feature usually dubbed as OCR. This kind of service is usually not free and there are plenty of limitations you might encounter. Not only that, but you also don’t have to install any additional software to your computer since the service is fully online-based.


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