How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD

Youtube HD - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 3

Youtube video player was designed to adjust its resolution according to the computer internet connection speed. If the network is unstable, it will likely reduce its quality for the sake of a seamless playing experience.

However, some users (including me) prefer to wait a little bit longer to load the video as long as it plays in HD, FHD, or even 4K resolution.

So, how we can deal with this kind of setting, and how to make Youtube video always play in HD no matter the network condition?

Check out these options!

#1 Use this Chrome extension to keep Youtube in HD

1. Install Magic Enhancer For Youtube on Google Chrome.

Magic Enhancer For Youtube - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 5

2. Select Agree.

Agree - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 7

3. Click on the extension icon, then select the video quality you want to set automatically.

Auto Video Quality HD - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 9

The auto HD feature doesn’t care about your internet connection. It will force Youtube to maintain video quality. This extension has several other features, including screen capture, cinema mode, fill window, and adjust video player size.

There is another similar plugin named Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube. However, it receives mixed reviews where some users reported it doesn’t work on their browser. Nevertheless, it’s worth to try this extension.

#2 Force HD videos through Youtube settings

1. Go to Youtube.


2. Click on your profile picture, then select Settings.

Settings Youtube - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 11

3. Head to the Playback and performance menu.

Playback and performance - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 13

4. Select Always prefer AV1.

Always prefer AV1 - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 15

AV1 is the new video decoding support on Youtube that promises to have better compression rates, smaller package size, and delivering a high-quality video without loss, and has been tested by Bitmovin.

However, not all videos on Youtube support AV1 and only a more powerful computer can handle that. Sadly, Youtube did not mention any details regarding the “powerful computer”. To check whether the codec is work for you, check on AV1 Beta Launch Playlist.

#3 Invest more on the stable network connection

Internet cable - How to Make Youtube Always Play in HD 17

Youtube has a sophisticated system that will automatically lower the video quality if there’s a sudden drop in the connection. As the video compression technology continues, HD videos on Youtube are getting smaller and smaller. So, it’s best for you to opt-in with the most stable network services instead of the fastest ones.

Here are some examples of investment for a stable network connection:

  • Internet cable is known to be more reliable than satellites and mobile networks.
  • Use a WiFi range extender if your room is located far from the router.
  • Place router in a higher position to let it cover most areas.

Alright. That was some options to make Youtube videos always play in HD quality. Which method works for you?


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