How to Merge Two Chrome Windows with Multiple Tabs

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Google Chrome allows you to merge a single tab from another window, but what if both windows have multiple tabs which too exhausting if we had to move them one by one?

Luckily, you can merge two or more Chrome windows with multiple tabs each without having to move every tab manually. So, how to do that?

Make sure you are using the modern versions of Google Chrome to get the features mentioned in the following guides. If not, please update Chrome first!

#1 Merge Chrome windows without extensions

The first method for merging Chrome windows is to use the built-in functionality of Chrome. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Chrome window you want to merge.

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2. Click on the first tab (the most left).

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3. Hold Shift and then click on the last tab (the most right). This action will select all the available tabs.

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4. Release the Shift button, and then using the pointer, click and drag the last tab into another Chrome window.

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5. You would see all tabs are now in one window.

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This method essentially exactly the same when you moving a single tab, but you have to select all the tabs first before moving. It also works if you have multiple monitors system.

#2 Merge multiple Chrome windows with extensions

There are plenty of Chrome extensions offering an instant merge feature in just one click away. The one that I highly recommended is Join Windows. It’s simple yet has quite of options you can modify.

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If this extension no longer available or somehow doesn’t work with your Chrome, please refer to the alternatives:

Alternative methods you can try

In addition to the two methods described above, there are several alternative methods for merging Chrome windows:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to move tabs between windows. For example, you can use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move to the previous tab and Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the last closed tab.
  • Use tab groups to organize your tabs. Tab groups allow you to group related tabs together and easily switch between them.
  • Use a third-party window manager to manage your windows. Window managers like Divvy and Spectacle allow you to easily resize and move windows around your screen.


If you encounter any issues when trying to merge Chrome windows, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of Chrome.
  • Try restarting Chrome and/or your computer.
  • Disable any extensions that may be interfering with the merging process.
  • If you’re using an extension, make sure it’s compatible with your version of Chrome.


Merging Chrome windows can help simplify your browsing experience and make it easier to find the tab you need. Whether you choose to use the built-in functionality of Chrome or an extension, there are several methods available to merge your windows.

If you encounter any issues, try the troubleshooting tips described above. And if you’re looking for alternative methods, consider using keyboard shortcuts, tab groups, or a third-party window manager.


Can I merge more than two Chrome windows?

Yes, you can merge as many Chrome windows as you want using either method described in this article.

Can I undo a merge if I accidentally merge the wrong windows?

No, there is no built-in way to undo a merge in Chrome. However, you can use the Reopen closed tab shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T) to reopen any tabs that were closed during the merge.

Can I merge windows on a mobile device?

No, the methods described in this article are only applicable to desktop versions of Chrome.

That’s it! I hope this guide helps you.

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